Recent Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP

keynote speaker alexandra panayotou

Executive and Personal Mentor, Corporate Development, Renowned Endurance Runner

keynote speaker ambarish mitra

Co-founder Blippar

keynote speaker andrew mcmillan

Responsible for the legendary customer service which defined the success of John Lewis

keynote speaker andy green

Holder of the World Land Speed Record, ‘The Fastest Man on Earth’

keynote speaker anil gupta

Prize winning author and leading expert on strategy, globalisation and entrepreneurship

keynote speaker antonio nieto rodriguez

International Expert in Strategy

keynote speaker arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was California's 38th Governor between 2003 and 2011, and has had a successful career as a businessman and actor

Hands-On Business Builder and Innovator

keynote speaker barbara judge

Chairman Institute of Directors and UK Pension Protection Fund

keynote speaker baudouin prot

Former CEO and Chairman of BNP Paribas, currently Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group

keynote speaker benjamin zander

Former Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

keynote speaker bernard hogan howe

Metropolitan Police Commissioner

Keynote Speaker Bruno Marion

Futurist, Expert on Global Trends, Innovation and on Thriving in Uncertainty

keynote speaker carl lewis

American former track and field athlete, who won 10 Olympic medals, including 9 gold, and 10 World Championships medals

Pioneer of the digital revolution and an expert in omni-channel retail and digital retail

keynote speaker charles hazlewood

International conductor, founder of the world's first orchestra of disabled musicians and innovator of the classical music world

Author of the best-selling Frugal Innovator and We-Think. Globally Renowned Innovation and Education Guru

Former MD of GOOGLE Germany & Green-Tech expert

LSE Innovation and Co-Creation Lab

keynote speaker christian gansch

International conductor, management consultant

keynote speaker christiana figueres

Executive Secretary UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 2010-16

keynote speaker christopher meyer

British Ambassador to the United States 1997–2003

keynote speaker costas markides

Professor of Strategic Innovation and International Management at London Business School

keynote speaker dan cobley

FinTech Entrepreneur and former Managing Director Google UK and Ireland

keynote speaker daniel franklin

Editor-in-Chief of

keynote speaker daniel kahneman

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work in behavioral economics

Inspirational Statesman

keynote speaker david price

Author and futurist solving society’s social challenges

keynote speaker david reid

One of Europe's most experienced business leaders

keynote speaker dominic alldis

Leadership through music

keynote speaker ed butler

Security and Risk Expert

keynote speaker ed gillespie

Futurist specialising in corporate sustainable development

keynote speaker enrique penalosa

Mayor of Bogota and leading sustainability and mobility in cities advocate

keynote speaker erin meyer

Specialising in the field of cross-cultural management, intercultural negotiations, and multi-cultural leadership

keynote speaker francois bourdoncle

François Bourdoncle, a pioneer of Big Data and Search technologies, is currently CEO of FB&Cie

keynote speaker fredrik haren

Business Creativity, Change and Global Mindset

keynote speaker geoff mulgan

CEO of NESTA, an Innovation Charity

keynote speaker gerd leonhard

Renowned Future Strategist

keynote speaker ramabadran gopalakrishnan

Renowned Indian business leader and former Executive Director, Tata

keynote speaker gordon hewitt

Distinguished Global Business Strategist

keynote speaker gunter dueck

Expert on Innovation. Former Chief Technologist IBM

Management Thinker, Author, and former CEO of P&G India

keynote speaker haiyan wang

Authority on developing business in China

keynote speaker hamish taylor

Renowned Expert on Leadership, Innovation & Branding

Sports psychologist to the German national football team

keynote speaker hans joachim watzke

CEO Borussia Dortmund

keynote speaker huib van bockel

Former CMO, Red Bull Europe

keynote speaker ian goldin

Former Vice President and Head of Policy, World Bank, former policy advisor to Nelson Mandela

keynote speaker idris jala

CEO PEMANDU and rated one of Top 10 Most Influential Policy Makers In the World by Bloomberg

keynote speaker isabel aguilera

Former CEO Google and GE, Spain and Portugal

keynote speaker jakob scharf

Director General of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (DSIS) from 2007-13

keynote speaker james alexander

Co-Founder Zopa, Director Future Agenda

keynote speaker james averdieck

Founder and Managing Director of Gü Chocolate Puds

keynote speaker james bilefield

Former Digital President of Condé Nast

keynote speaker james kerr

Bestselling Author and High Performance Expert

keynote speaker jamil qureshi

An internationally recognised speaker and facilitator specialising in the mindset and attitude for high performance

keynote speaker jason drew

Environmental Capitalist and Visionary

keynote speaker jb straubel

Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, Tesla Motors

keynote speaker jeetendr sehdev

Global Authority on Branding

keynote speaker jeremy leggett

UK's most respected green energy boss

Former Chief Executive of Shell

keynote speaker jerry kaplan

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

keynote speaker jian gao

Vice Governor at the China Development Bank (CDB)

keynote speaker jim noble

One of the world's foremost technology practitioners

keynote speaker jim steele

One of the most charismatic motivational speakers in the business world

Founder of Jo Malone

keynote speaker joan laporta

President of Barcelona Football Club 2003-10

keynote speaker joanna shields

Recent UK Minister for Internet and Former Senior Facebook and Google Executive

keynote speaker john armitt

Chairman of the National Express Group, previously Chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority

keynote speaker john coates

Derivative Trader turned Neuroscientist

keynote speaker john gapper

Award-winning business columnist. Chief business commentator and Associate Editor of the Financial Times

keynote speaker john kay

Author, Financial Times columnist and one of Britain's leading economists

keynote speaker jon duschinsky

World leading social innovator and entrepreneur

keynote speaker jonas kjellberg

One of the Creators of Skype

keynote speaker jonas ridderstrale

Co-author of Karaoke Capitalism and Funky Business

keynote speaker jonathan allen yabut

Winner of The Apprentice Asia

keynote speaker jonty hurwitz


keynote speaker kasper holten

Danish stage director. Recent Director of Opera for the Royal Opera House in London

keynote speaker kevin gaskell

Led three of the world's iconic brands to new levels of success: Porsche, BMW,

keynote speaker kiran karnik

Recent President of The National Association of Software and Services Companies

keynote speaker kjell nordstrom

Co-author of Karaoke Capitalism and Funky Business

keynote speaker klaus wovereit

Mayor of Berlin (2001-2014)

keynote speaker lars johan jarnheimer

Chairman of IKEA Group, Former President and CEO of Tele2 AB

keynote speaker linda moir

Former Head of Virgin Atlantic Customer Service and London Olympic 2012 Head of Events Services (organising 15,000 Games Makers and contractors)

keynote speaker lionel barber

Editor of Financial Times

keynote speaker liz earle

Beauty Entrepreneur, TV’s beauty and wellbeing expert, charity founder, ethical campaigner and organic farmer

keynote speaker lorenzo bini smaghi

Experienced European Central Banker

keynote speaker luca di montezemolo

Former Chairman of Ferrari (1991-2014) and Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alitalia

keynote speaker lynda gratton

Global authority on HR, author of 'Hot Spots'

keynote speaker magnus lindkvist

Futurologist and lecturer within business intelligence and trends

keynote speaker marc randolph

Co-founder of Netflix

keynote speaker marc stickdorn

Expert on service design thinking

keynote speaker marcus east

Global Digital Director for Marks and Spencer, Apple eCommerce Executive (2011-2016) and Digital Expert. Co-founder of CyberKudos

keynote speaker mariana mazzucato

Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value

keynote speaker marijn dekkers

Chairman Unilever

keynote speaker mark gallagher

Grand Prix Motor Racing Executive

keynote speaker mark stevenson

Author and Founder of "We Do Things Differently". Mark Stevenson is an entrepreneur, author, broadcaster and expert on global trends and innovation.

keynote speaker marshall goldsmith

Recognized as the #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and the top 5 Management Thinker in 2015, as well as one of the top ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World

keynote speaker martha lane fox

Co-founder of, UK Digital Champion. Non-executive Director of Marks and Spencer

keynote speaker matthew syed

Expert on the science of high performance

keynote speaker matthias schranner

Negotiation Expert

keynote speaker max wittrock

Co-founder and one of the CEOs of mymuesli

keynote speaker michael jordaan

Venture Capitalist and former CEO of First National Bank

keynote speaker michael lesner

Producer for American Health Journal

keynote speaker mick cornett

Mayor of Oklahoma City

keynote speaker mike forde

Renowned High Performance and Talent Management Expert

keynote speaker mike harris

Founder of Egg and First Direct

keynote speaker mishal kanoo

Deputy Chairman of The Kanoo Group, one of the largest independent, family owned, group of companies in the Gulf region

keynote speaker molly crockett

American neuroscientist noted for her work on human morality, altruism and decision making

keynote speaker muhammad yunus

Founder of Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize winner

keynote speaker narayana murthy

Co-founder and Chairman of Infosys, former 'World Entrepreneur of the Year'

keynote speaker nenad pacek

Renowned Global Strategist

keynote speaker nicklas bergman

Tech investor and futurist

keynote speaker nicola mendelsohn

Vice President of Facebook EMEA

keynote speaker nigel jeremy

A globally recognised expert within the HR and Learning and Development profession with experience spanning three decades

keynote speaker omari issa

Chairman Amref Health Africa International Board

keynote speaker paul craven

Globally Renowned Behavioural Economist

keynote speaker peter goodman

European Economic Correspondent New York Times

keynote speaker peter sands

Recent CEO Standard Chartered plc

keynote speaker sir peter westmacott

British Ambassador to the United States

keynote speaker porter erisman

Film maker and leading expert on e-commerce in China

keynote speaker raghu raman

CEO, National Intelligence Grid

keynote speaker randi zuckerberg

Former Head of Marketing at Facebook and Founder of Zuckerberg Media

keynote speaker ricardo semler

Visionary leader with employee-centric approach to management

keynote speaker richard branson

Founder of the Virgin Group

keynote speaker richard shirreff

Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe 2010-14

keynote speaker robert phillips

Expert in Communications, Public Leadership and Trust, and author of 'Trust Me, PR is Dead'

keynote speaker robin chase

Transportation entrepreneur and leader in new technology

keynote speaker roger flynn

Among the UK's most accomplished business leaders with an astonishing record of transformations and turnarounds

keynote speaker roger steare

The Corporate Philosopher

keynote speaker rolf dobelli

Author The Art of Thinking Clearly (2013 Europe’s best-selling business book)

keynote speaker ruby mcgregor smith

CEO, Mitie Group plc

keynote speaker sahar hashemi

Co-Founder Coffee Republic and Author of bestseller Switched On

keynote speaker sayeeda warsi

Britain's First Muslim Cabinet Minister

keynote speaker sonu shivdasani

Founder and CEO, Soneva

keynote speaker susan greenfield

One of the UK's leading experts on the physiology of the brain and Human Mind

keynote speaker tim mason

Tim Mason is a world-leading retail management and marketing strategy expert, renowned for launching Tesco’s Clubcard scheme

keynote speaker tom loosemore

Group Director of Digital Services for The Co-Operative and Founder of UK's Government Digital Service

keynote speaker tommy weir

CEO Coach, Author and Speaker

keynote speaker tony fernandes

Founder of Air Asia

keynote speaker usain bolt

First Man in Olympic History to Win Both the 100m and 200m Races in World Record Times

keynote speaker utz claassen


keynote speaker vineet nayar

The Turnaround CEO - Shifting Power to the Employees for outstanding performance

keynote speaker vinita bali

Indian businesswoman and Managing Director of Britannia Industries Limited

keynote speaker wolfgang ischinger

Chairman of the Munich Security Conference

keynote speaker xiang bing

Founding Dean of the largest and leading business school in China, Xiang has played an important role in developing China’s management education sector.

keynote speaker yasmin al bulushi

Management Trainer

keynote speaker zanny minton beddoes

The Editor-in-Chief of The Economist

keynote speaker zev siegl

Co-Founder of Starbucks