Ellen MacArthur

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Ellen MacArthur

Record-breaking Round-the-world Yachtswoman

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Goal Setting and Performance
Leadership and Motivation
Circular Economy and Sustainability
Management of Risk

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Ellen MacArthur‘s Biography


Dame Ellen Patricia MacArthur, DBE is a retired British sailor from Derbyshire and world record holder. In 2005 she broke the world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe, a feat which gained her international renown.

Having spent 15 years sailing across the oceans, Ellen has now retired from sailing in order to dedicate herself full time to her foundation which has become a global rallying point for the circular economy. Her international reputation was built as a sailor circumnavigating the globe beating records, but has has decided to dedicate herself from now on to the regenerative economy.

It was during a visit to Georgia that Ellen realised how rare natural resources have become and how important it is to conserve them. Her experience as a sailor, which forced her to use finite resources extremely wisely, led her to this conclusion. The MacArthur Foundation’s mission is to persuade people to completely rethink our existing model and build a more viable and prosperous future.

In 2003 Ellen founded the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust which enables severely ill children to discover their dream through the joys of sailing. Today she directs her message at the younger generation whom she urges to rethink the current depletion of our limited resources and recycle such finite resources in the future.

At the heart of the circular economy is avoiding waste, as societies have done successfully since time immemorial. The solutions Ellen puts forward have found huge resonance and the reports her foundation has published have circulated at the highest international levels.

In 2002, Ellen released her first autobiography entitled Taking on the World. In September 2010, she published a second autobiography entitled Full Circle.