Jian Gao

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Jian Gao

Vice Governor at the China Development Bank (CDB)

Keynote Speaker Category: Business & Management, Economics & Finance, Government & Politics
Topics: Asia, Emerging Markets, Strategy
Languages: English, 1


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Specialist Subjects


China's economic outlook
Financial system and markets in China
China's debt capital market
China's banking issues and challenges
China Development Bank's overseas investments
RMB's internationalisation

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Jian Gao‘s Biography


Dr. Jian Gao was Vice Governor at Vice Ministerial level at the China Development Bank (CDB).  In 2008 he was appointed Board Member of CDB Corporation and Chairman of CDB Securities.

Gao moved to CDB in 1998, where he served as Chief Economist, Director General of the Treasury Department, Assistant Governor, Vice Governor, and Executive Member of Board.  He was also the Chairman of Sino-African Fund and Vice Chairman of Mandarin Capital.

Gao is the founder of China’s government securities market, and is considered the godfather of China’s debt capital market for his pioneering works and innovative ideas that have contributed to the development of China’s debt securities market.  He laid the ground work of CDB’s market based debt financing and led CDB to being the leader in financial innovation, top underwriter and the leading player in financial markets in China.

Gao graduated with a Doctorate in Finance from the Institute of Financial Sciences of the Ministry of Finance, and completed post-doctoral studies in the Department of Economics at Harvard University in 1998.  He started his career at the Ministry of Finance, where he was the Director General of the Department of State Debt Administration and the Director General of the Department of Laws and Regulations.

Currently, he has many roles including being a Visiting Scholar at Harvard, advising the Chinese government on international financial issues and remains a senior advisor to CDB.