keynote speaker ajit ranade
Group Chief Economist - Aditya Birla Group
keynote speaker andy xie
Renowned Economist who accurately predicted the South East Asian Financial Crisis and the US Subprime Financial Crisis
Former Union Minister to the Government of India
15th President of the Republic of the Philippines
keynote speaker bimal jalan
Former Governor of India's Reserve Bank
keynote speaker david daokui li
Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University
keynote speaker duvvuri subbarao
Recent Governor of Reserve Bank of India
keynote speaker eisuke sakakibara
Former Japanese Vice Minister of Finance
keynote speaker fan gang
Director, National Economics Research Institute, China Reform Foundation
French politician, founder of Korelya Capital and former magistrate at the French Court of Auditors
keynote speaker han seung soo
Prime Minister of Korea 2008-09
keynote speaker heizo takenaka
Japan's former Minister for Fiscal Policy and Financial Affairs
keynote speaker horst koehler
President of Germany (2004-10) and Managing Director of the IMF (2000-04)
keynote speaker idris jala
CEO PEMANDU and rated one of Top 10 Most Influential Policy Makers In the World by Bloomberg
keynote speaker jian gao
Vice Governor at the China Development Bank (CDB)
keynote speaker jim oneill
Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and creator of BRIC acronym
keynote speaker jim rogers
Global Investment Guru
keynote speaker joseph yam
First Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, an Organisation he Created and Headed for Over Sixteen Years
keynote speaker justin yifu lin
Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Development Economics at the World Bank (2008-12)
keynote speaker koichi hamada
World-leading Expert on International Economics and the Japanese Economy
keynote speaker linda yueh
Fellow in Economics, Oxford University, and Adjunct Professor, London Business School
keynote speaker marc faber
Art of Fund Management
keynote speaker meleveetil damodaran
Former Chairman of the Securities Exchange Board of India
keynote speaker muhammad yunus
Founder of Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize winner
keynote speaker palaniappan chidambaram
Indian Finance Minister (2004-2014)
keynote speaker parag khanna
Leading geo-strategic expert and best-selling author
keynote speaker rafidah aziz
Malaysia's longest serving Minister of International Trade and Industry
keynote speaker raghuram rajan
Author of 'Fault Lines: How Hidden Cracks Still Threaten The World Economy', Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
keynote speaker shashi tharoor
An author, politician, and former international civil servant, Shashi Tharoor straddles several worlds of experience
keynote speaker shaukat aziz
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
keynote speaker supachai panitchpakdi
former Secretary-General of UNCTAD (2005-2013), former Director-General of the World Trade Organization (2002-2005) and former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand
keynote speaker susilo bambang yudhoyono
President of Indonesia 2004-14
keynote speaker xiang bing
Founding Dean of the largest and leading business school in China, Xiang has played an important role in developing China’s management education sector.
keynote speaker yashwant sinha
Yashwant Sinha is a former finance and foreign minister of India
keynote speaker yukio hatoyama
Prime Minister of Japan 2009-2010