keynote speaker alex edmans
Professor of Finance at London Business School
Renowned expert on macroeconomics and demographics
keynote speaker ashkan soltani
Former Senior Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
keynote speaker chris skinner
Chairman of the Financial Services Club
keynote speaker gazi ercel
Former Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey
keynote speaker gerard lyons
Leading global economist widely respected for his understanding of macro economic trends and the accuracy of his forecasting
keynote speaker john coates
Derivative Trader turned Neuroscientist
keynote speaker molly crockett
American neuroscientist noted for her work on human morality, altruism and decision making
Former Trader, Risk Specialist and Author
keynote speaker nicholas stern
Globally Recognised Economist and Leading Authority on Climate Change
keynote speaker paul craven
Globally Renowned Behavioural Economist
keynote speaker peter diamond
2010 Joint Nobel Prize Winner for Economics
keynote speaker richard quest
Renowned CNN Business Correspondent
keynote speaker rory sutherland
Technology Correspondent of the Spectator
keynote speaker ros altmann
Expert on later life