keynote speaker aditya julka
Serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of online auction house Paddle8
keynote speaker benjamin zander
Former Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
keynote speaker charles hazlewood
International conductor, founder of the world's first orchestra of disabled musicians and innovator of the classical music world
keynote speaker daan roosegaarde
Founder of Studio Roosegaarde in Netherlands
keynote speaker dominic alldis
Leadership through music
keynote speaker janjaap ruijssenaars
An architect and inventor who has found a recipe for discovery
Founder of Jo Malone
keynote speaker kasper holten
Danish stage director. Recent Director of Opera for the Royal Opera House in London
keynote speaker liz earle
Beauty Entrepreneur, TV’s beauty and wellbeing expert, charity founder, ethical campaigner and organic farmer
keynote speaker ray kurzweil
One of the leading inventors of our time, the 'Ultimate Thinking Machine'
keynote speaker red hong yi
The artist who likes to paint, but not with paint brushes
keynote speaker sonu shivdasani
Founder and CEO, Soneva
keynote speaker wayne hemingway
Founder of HemingwayDesign and Red or Dead