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Cilian Fennell

Cilian Fennell

TV Producer and Communications expert

Leadership & Motivation

  • Topics: Communication
  • Languages: English
‘The only global speaker bureau’

International New York Times


  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Business success

Cilian Fennell believes in the power of stories and is Ireland’s foremost authority on this unique Business Management Tool.

While working in the media he noticed that strong stories provoked deep reactions in people and he set out to find out why. He wanted to find out why people watch films, follow religions and read fairytales. As a result he discovered that it all comes down to stories, following dreams, reaching goals and overcoming obstacles.

Leading on from that, he came to the realisation that all organisations have stories and tapping into these stories serves to forge deeper understanding and connection both within organisations and outside them. These stories serve to close the gap between identity and image thus bringing an organisation and its target audience closer. The stories we beileve decide how we act. Through discovering the story of your organisation you not only strengthen the internal brand by creating a culture and defining values but you now have the most central ingredient for successful branding, PR and marketing to promote your external growth.

Cilian has adapted this discovery to a successful business model and now helps companies, teams and individuals, in a highly practical approach, on their own Hero’s Journey. He also helps leaders and companies find their own story and use it to motivate, drive and direct their teams. As the director of his own company Stillwater Communications, he understands the challenges that face companies today in these tough economic times. Rather than preaching about what directors and managers should be doing he helps them see what opportunities they can capitalise on and inspires the belief that all obstacles can be overcome.

Using “The Hero’s Journey” model which forms the backbone of every story from the Bible to Hollywood, he will take you through seven stages from the ordinary world (where you are now) right through to seizing the grail (where you would like to be) explaining each step at a time and its relevance to the business world today.

His career in media began in RTE 15 years ago where he etched out a name for himself through his production of the Late Late Show in its three final years; the highly acclaimed Rip of Republic series; and powerful documentaries such as “Should I fall from Grace” the award winning biography of Shane McGowan. He was also recruited by TG4 in 1999 and appointed Head of Programmes, a position he held for three years. During his tenure, TG4 successfully rebranded, won a host of awards and doubled its audience share. Cilian was producer of The Dunphy Show for TV3 and has recently finished working on the highly successful Miriam O Callaghan Summer show as Executive Producer.


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