Executive learning

London Speaker Bureau’s (LSB) Executive Learning service is a selection of masterclasses for executives and senior managers. Each masterclass is led by an expert and tailored for groups of any size to meet specific organisational needs.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers who deliver a powerful message in a way that captivates an audience can ensure an event is memorable for many years.

Boardroom Advisory

Former heads of state, chairmen and senior directors, our advisors have extensive experience and insights into running successful organisations.Company boards and CEOs frequently work in isolation, cut off from the realities and challenges of the everyday corporate world.

What our Clients and Speakers have to say…

Client Feedback

Clyde & Co. is rapidly expanding worldwide in vital industries such as insurance, transport and infrastructure. Parag provided a sharp and rapid-fire perspective on how these crucial sectors are evolving in a volatile world and mapped out pathways that benefited all our partners. Our collective view was: ‘Wow!'

Clyde & Co.

LSB are an absolute pleasure to do an event with. Our consultant takes the time to understand our unique corporate needs for each event and then searches and negotiates for the best possible speaker to suit our purposes. Their professionalism and personalisation ensures a consistent experience from start to finish. LSB is always my first choice!


Speaker Feedback

London Speaker Bureau are brilliant. They are highly professional, and very supportive of speakers, so you know exactly what's expected and when and how to arrive! I have nothing but praise for them.

Jack Straw – Politician

Consummate performers in their own right, LSB are the best in the business. Expert at matching me with the right clients and in foreseeing any possible road bumps, they are the quiet professionals; the special forces of speaker’s agencies...

James Kerr – Leadership & Performance Coach

This team has helped me lift my profile, raise my fees and reach an ever wider quality audience worldwide. Fabulous. Reliable. They 'get it'.

Pippa Malmgren – American policy analyst

London Speaker Bureau have completely streamlined my speaking activities and offered me countless opportunities I would never have had access to. Their team is professional and really sees my speaking potential for a growing number of opportunities helping me expand my network globally. I really recommend working with them.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino – Internet of Things Expert

London Speaker Bureau is like its namesake city: global. It's taken me places I hadn't been before and put me in front of tremendously influential audiences.

Parag Khanna – Globalisation Expert

London Speaker Bureau has helped me immensely to organise my lecture tours around the world. I keep my projects for children operational with lecture fees, as also much of my current research. Wendy Morris, along with Natalie Barton look after these lecture events and related logistics. They are friends of mine, in addition to being fine professionals. That, to me, is a bonus!

Sugata Mitra – Educational Leader

London Speaker Bureau provides a personal, friendly and flexible approach to its business while working to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Bear Grylls – TV Personality

Reliable, diligent, professional and the London Speaker Bureau is a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Linda Yueh – Economist

London Speaker Bureau are more than a bureau: they’re a satisfaction factory, dedicated to giving everyone the best possible experience. I adore working with them, and so do my clients.

Ben Hammersley – Technologist Expert

I have been working with the London Speaker Bureau for 12 years. They are a team of fabulous professionals who have found numerous speaking engagements for me during those years. I look forward to working with the LSB in the future.

Nenad Pacek – Economist