Making sense of julia shaw false memory

Making sense of False Memory, Evil and Bisexuality with Julia Shaw

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In this video, Making sense of False Memory, Evil and Bisexuality, Roy Sheppard interviews Dr Julia Shaw about her fascinating research on topics generally considered taboo by today’s society. The discussion touches some revealing truths about human behaviour such as fictional identities, why we behave in ‘evil’ ways and the prejudice experienced by people who identify as bisexual.

keynote speaker julia shaw 1Dr Julia Shaw is an experienced memory hacker and psychological scientist. Currently based at the Department of Psychology at University College London, she is a leading authority in the area of false memories (fabricated memories about things that never happened) and her passion for the topic can be witnessed in her bestselling book “The Memory Illusion: Remembering, Forgetting and the Science of False Memory”.

In 2019, Dr Shaw published her second international bestseller “Evil: The Science Behind Humanity’s Dark Side” and in 2020 she launched the BBC podcast ‘Bad People’ both deriving from her further expertise in criminal psychology. In this field she researches, writes, trains police on how to use evidence-based interview approaches, and works as an expert witness examining the issue of false memory. Moreover, Dr Shaw aids workplaces in building healthier working environments and in 2017 co-founded ‘Spot’ with the goal of promoting diversity and inclusion and supporting vulnerable workers. She is also the founder of the Bisexual Research Group.

Roy Sheppard is a conference moderator and a former BBC news anchor.

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