Craig Wright – Keynote Speaker

Computer Scientist, Businessman and Chief Scientist, nChain

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Specialist Subjects

  • Blockchain
  • Bitcoin
  • Digital forensics
  • Cryptocurrencies



  • English


Dr. Craig Wright is a renowned Australian computer scientist and academic. He has been involved with the development of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for more than two decades, and is widely rumoured to be a core person in the ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ group responsible for creating Bitcoin.

Wright envisages wide-scale adoption of both the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin network as a transformative technology platform. He has developed nChain’s Bitcoin SV platform to correct misconceptions about the technology and reposition blockchain to its intended purpose, namely to help mitigate risk for parties involved in financial transactions while creating greater efficiencies for businesses, all within a compliant framework.

Craig Wright has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of information technology and security and is one of the most highly qualified digital forensics practitioners in the world. Wright has held senior executive positions with companies focused on cryptocurrency and smart contracts, digital forensics, and IT security. Among his positions, he was vice-president of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science with a focus on collaborating with government bodies in securing cyber systems. Wright also worked on systems that protected the Australian Stock Exchange and has trained Australian government and corporate departments in SCADA Security, cyber warfare, and cyber defence, as well as teamed with AFP, DHS and NSA.

A prolific researcher, Craig Wright has authored many articles, academic papers, and books on IT, security, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency issues. He balances his time with speaking internationally on security, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency topics, while also presenting his research findings at academic and business conferences. Wright has numerous advanced academic degrees in diverse fields, including a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Computer Science and Economics from Charles Sturt University, a Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree from United Theological College, a Master’s degree in Statistics, and a Paralegal Master’s Degree in International Commercial Law.

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