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Paul Dolan – Keynote Speaker

Professor of Behavioural Science at the LSE

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Paul Dolan Keynote Speaker

Specialist Subjects

  • Measuring Happiness
  • Behavioural Science



  • English

Paul Dolan – Keynote Speaker

Professor of Behavioural Science at the LSE

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Paul Dolan Keynote Speaker

Paul Dolan
Professor of Behavioural Science at the LSE

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Paul Dolan is currently Professor of Behavioural Science at the LSE. He is Head of Department in Psychological and Behavioural Science and Director of Executive MSc Behavioural Science. He is also a best selling author and an internationally renowned expert on happiness, behaviour and public policy, he conducts original research into the measurement of happiness, its causes and consequences. He has previously held academic posts at York, Newcastle, Sheffield and Imperial and he has been a visiting scholar at Princeton University.

He is an author of the "Mindspace" report published by the UK Cabinet Office which seeks to apply lessons from the psychological and behavioural sciences to social policy. Dolan has over 100 peer-reviewed publications which cover many topics including behavioural science, subjective wellbeing, equity in health and health valuation. He currently holds the position of the Chief Academic Advisor on Economic Appraisal for the UK Government's Economic Service. Paul Dolan is also a member of National Academy of Sciences Panel on Wellbeing and of the Measuring National Wellbeing Advisory Forum. In addition he is a visiting Professor at Imperial College London and an associate of the Institute for Government.

There are two main themes to Dolan’s work:
Developing measures of happiness and subjective wellbeing that can be used in policy and by individuals looking to be happier; and considering ways in which the lessons from the behavioural sciences can be used to understand and change individual behaviour, and to add to the evidence base in this regard. He uses a range of data and methods to address these issues, and to better integrate them e.g. surveys, big data, lab studies, and field experiments.

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