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London Speaker Bureau’s (LSB) Executive Learning service is a selection of masterclasses for executives and senior managers. Each masterclass is led by an expert and tailored for groups of any size to meet specific organisational needs.

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Keynote speakers who deliver a powerful message in a way that captivates an audience can ensure an event is memorable for many years.

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Former heads of state, chairmen and senior directors, our advisors have extensive experience and insights into running successful organisations.Company boards and CEOs frequently work in isolation, cut off from the realities and challenges of the everyday corporate world.

Jamil Qureshi

Masterclass Leader

keynote speaker jamil qureshi

In 2006, Jamil was appointed the first-ever official golf psychologist to the European Ryder Cup team, since then he has worked with over 22 golfers inside the world top 50. Ranked amongst the most influential figures in British sports in 2009, Jamil was voted into the top 100 powerful men in golf by his international peers.
He has also worked successfully with English Premiership football clubs, Formula 1 racing drivers, England cricketers, fighter pilots, and medical teams. He is one of the few external experts chosen to work with astronauts on the NASA space programme.

Masterclass overview

This interactive session shares with the audience practical insights into the psychology of attaining high performance as an individual or team. Jamil’s knowledge in the area of optimising human potential comes from his experience of working with top performers in the world of sport and business, many of whom have been in the top 10 in the world in their chosen professions, and indeed in six cases, number one.

Having spent 15 years working with the world’s elite, he is in a genuinely unique position to define ‘the difference that makes the difference’. His sessions are fun, and always engaging and thought- provoking.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Learn how we can create a culture of high performance
  • Learn proven tools and techniques to boost your own performance and that of your team and organisation
  • Drive mindsets and behaviours for high performance by recognising value creation in the eyes of the customer

What is covered?

  • How we can change what we think, to change what we do
  • How we can best motivate ourselves and others
  • How we can forge a ‘growth mindset’ in changed environments How our belief system dictates our actions
  • How to achieve sustainable success through customer relevancy How we can remove fear of failure

Jamil will showcase such tools as:

  • Unique think-feel-act thinking process ResponseAbility
  • Purpose alignment
  • What, want, why triangle of performance

Jamil delivers all his sessions in ‘learning points’ to ensure audiences obtain real value from the content and can take away the content in the most personally beneficial way.

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