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Colby Jenkins – Keynote Speaker

Army Green Beret and Global Program Manager at Google

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Specialist Subjects

  • Leadership
  • Helping To Build Your A-team


  • English

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Colby Jenkins is a combat veteran who was deployed around the world with his Special Forces A-team, to include Afghanistan and South America (Colombia and Paraguay). Other government business took him to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, Panama, Argentina and Brazil. Colby's responsibilities as a Green Beret liaison to the U.S. Congress included taking members of Congress and professional staff to see and understand sensitive special operations activities around the world. Colby has worked on Capitol Hill, specifically the U.S. Senate, and the Pentagon where he managed the congressional portfolio for the U.S. military’s #2 in command.

Colby Jenkins is a Global Program Manager for Google, working at Google headquarters. In addition to Colby's daily responsibilities, Google has recognized Colby as a trainer and speaker sending him around the world (New York City, London and Singapore) to train other managers presenting his material on leadership and team building. Colby's material brings a unique dynamic perspective on leading and building teams in the high demand technology arena of Silicon Valley.

Colby will take your team and those you serve on an adventure that includes dynamic tales of helicopter assaults in desert and jungle combat operations, escaping from Alcatraz, shaking hands with a determined Taliban foe, extreme Army Special Forces land navigation, learning to quit tomorrow, swamping a gun-truck in Afghanistan and other powerful experiences. Colby's presentation will transform and personalize for your leaders lessons learned in combat and extraordinary situations. From the White House West Wing, the U.S. Congress, and corporate boardrooms to sitting on the ground chatting with Afghan tribal leaders Colby will explore diverse perspectives related to critical leadership and team building principles. Colby adapts his message to audiences of all ages and environments.

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