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Latest News

Forpheus – the Japanese robot full of AI can play ping-pong with you and adjust to your ability

The Japanese manufacturer Omron presented their new version of the “ping-pong robot” at the Japanese trade fair CEATEC from the 5th to the 7th of October. Full of AI (Artificial Intelligence) he is able to do 80 calculations per second. His two cameras and his strong predictive model allow him to detect the ball’s trajectory. […]

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School in the Cloud

In 1999, Sugata Mitra’s pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments helped bring the potential of self-organised learning to the public’s attention. The platform was launched to help accelerate this research by helping educators — teachers, parent or community leaders — to run their own SOLEs (self organised learning environment) and to contribute to the global […]

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New Release: Executive Learning Directory 2016 – 33 expert masterclasses

Led by our clients’ requests, we have extended our portfolio of services in order to offer a greater level of engagement than keynote speeches can offer. In short, the journey is from a simple monologue towards a richer dialogue between our clients and our speakers that will equip the audience with practical tools and techniques […]

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The Biology of Trader Gut Feelings

John Coates’ research recently featured in the New York Times, Financial Times, Le Figaro and Reuters “I set up this study to answer a simple question – are gut feelings merely the stuff of trading mythology? or are they real physiological signals? I suspected from my days of trading that hunches were real and valuable, […]

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Tim Marshall’s ‘Prisoners of Geography’ tops the Sunday Times Bestseller list

Tim Marshall’s latest book Prisoners of Geography has reached #1 on the Sunday Times Bestseller list, as well as a New York Times Best Seller. If you’ve ever wondered the USA was destined to become a global superpower, or why China’s power base continues to expand ever outwards, the answers are unveiled in Prisoners of Geography. Tim’s next book Worth […]

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Brexit – Exclusive Comment from Pippa Malmgren

“Brexit is not the last exit. All over Europe the citizens are just as divided about membership in the EU as the British were. From France to Austria to Greece and Italy, the exits are gaining momentum. The factors contributing to the negative sentiment don’t necessarily arise from the EU itself.  The anti-EU vote is partly […]

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Brexit – Exclusive Comment from Stephen Archer

“Brexit: A dirty word today but a word that will sound like very good news in the not too distant future. Really? Yes, its the EU that has a headache, not the UK. Once we get beyond the febrile climate around Brexit; the mistaken view that ‘we are all doomed’ and the negative views of the remainers then we will […]

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Brexit – Exclusive Comment from Sir Craig Oliver

“The vote on whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU had been a slow train coming for a generation. It happened to arrive in the station on David Cameron’s watch. When it came there was a bloody battle that will spark debates about the nature of politics, campaigning, media and the power […]

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Brexit – Exclusive Comment from Jack Straw

“I didn’t want it. Brexit.  But it’s happened.  The most hazardous event facing Britain, of any since the last war.  It’s reshaping British politics before our eyes – and causing enormous reverberations across Europe and the globe.  A clear strategy is required, to keep access to the single market, and regain some control over migration from […]

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Pippa Malmgren discusses the impact of AI and Robotics on the economy on BBC Radio 4

Having had a long and outstanding political career, expert speaker Pippa Malmgren is able to cover a wide range of topics from Geopolitical Risks, Finance, Brexit and the upcoming US Election… Currently, she is involved in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics. Pippa Malmgren is the owner of H Robotics, a robotics development firm. Today, she spoke […]

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Brexit: Advice in Uncertain Times

With Britain having voted to leave the European Union, the repercussions for Britain and the rest of the world remain uncertain. The following speakers can offer advice on how to prepare for a future outside of the EU and more specifically, what this historical decision will mean for your industry and business. Presenter of This […]

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Charles Leadbetter’s latest piece about Brexit

Read the latest article from Charles Leadbeater on the Financial Time’s website on Brexit: “ London’s future: a brief guide. Five scenarios for the city post-Brexit, from a ‘renationalised’ British capital to a European enclave. Cities can implode, especially when they face a catastrophic shift in the environment to which they cannot respond. (…).” Read more.

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Linda Yueh’s latest piece about Brexit

Read the latest article from Linda Yueh on the London Business School’s website on Brexit: ” FTSE at record high as pound falls. Brexit plan fuels currency drop, says Linda Yueh. As the FTSE 250 share index hit an all-time record at 18,407 and sterling fell to a 31-year low, a London Business School economist says […]

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John Bruton’s latest piece about Brexit

Read the latest article from John Bruton‘s website on Brexit: “Disengaging the UK from the EU will be like undoing all the stitching of a patchwork quilt, and then re stitching some parts of the quilt together, while making a new quilt of the rest. The UK is, at the moment, stitched into thousands of […]

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What does AI mean for Education?

Graham Brown-Martin asks: Will learner-centred AI be banned from classrooms like smartphones? So what is all this AI related news that we keep reading about in the media and how it’s going to take all our jobs? Well, here’s what I think. Western society is in transition as it reaches the logical conclusion of an industrialisation […]

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Pritpal S. Tamber – Workplace Wellness

Sickness costs UK organisations about £29billion each year [1]. Levels of ill-health are rising as a result of poor diets and less active lifestyles. It’s increasingly clear that employers in the UK have to take an active interest in the health of their employees. The statistics make difficult reading. For instance, 67% of men and […]

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Risks of an ‘Always On’ Society

Simon Moores, Technology Futurist & Information Risk Consultant, Zentelligence (Research) Ltd “Some fifteen years ago, when I was involved with the UK government’s roll-out of the Internet and early broadband, I warned we needed to anticipate the known and unknown consumer risks that would accompany an ‘always-on’ society. Government’s view at the time was very much that universal […]

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How ‘Good’ is Your Country?

The Good Country Index: a radical study that measures the contribution nations make to humanity as a whole. Countries should no longer be judged purely on the progress or prosperity of their own citizens, but also on the impact they have on the rest of humanity and the rest of the planet. That’s why Simon Anholt created […]

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