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I'm proud to present our amazing team from around the world

Tom Kenyon-Slaney, Chairman

Tom Kenyon-Slaney Chairman

"Loves the fact that LSB is a global family of many nationalities, backgrounds and ages. Enjoys operating in markets at different stages of development and history. Passions include resisting having a smart phone and dreaming of a healthier life."

Katie Lo Managing Director UK

"Loves working with the greatest minds in the world, problem solving and thinking creatively in such an exciting industry. Previously grew two fledgling start-ups into global companies. Passions include languages (fluent in 6!), tennis and education for the under-privileged."

Lucinda Swan Executive Director & Vice Chair South Africa

"Her role is like an octopus – it has many tentacles. Working at LSB, she feels privileged to meet some truly amazing people. Passions include collecting antique silver, watching cricket and Formula 1."

Kate Lossius Vice Chair & Director UK

"Previously a banker and ran a dot.com start-up. Loves talking to people who shape our planet. Has lived all over the world and speaks 7 languages. Passionate about the north and south poles, polar bears and penguins!"

Georgia Bayley Senior Consultant UK

"Specialises in technology, future, cyber, economics, politics, diversity and the environment…phew. Loves the extraordinary variety of people she meets through LSB. Passions include: playing the trumpet and her dog, Nutty!"

Oliver Chittenden Global Ambassador UK

"LSB’s Global Ambassador. Loves enabling our speakers to deliver world class education and learning to clients. Founder of mental health and wellbeing platform www.headtalks.com. Passionate about the community."

Harry Whitbread Global Ambassador UK

"Enjoys discovering interesting new speakers for clients. Ex-soldier. Former Senior Sales Manager at The Telegraph and Commercial Manager at The Economist. Passions include: anything to do with cricket!"

Rebecca Robson Senior Consultant UK

"Loves finding the right speaker to create lasting impact and change. Previously headed network of influencers and game-changers for the UK Government, helping British businesses grow internationally. Passions include equipping children with essential life skills."

Ben Strickland Consultant UK

"Grew up in Australia, Ben loves the variety of working with clients. Has worked in Corporate Finance and Executive Search / Headhunting for board-level and senior banking roles. His passions include mountain biking in the Yorkshire Dales."

Marlen Kirsch Consultant UK

"Has been an LSB’er for over a decade. Loves the astonishing variety of people she meets. Gets a buzz from matching clients and speakers and seeing the impact it makes. Numerous passions include: gender equality and drinking wine with friends!"

Wendy Morris Head Of Exclusives UK

"An LSBer for 18+ years working in almost every role. Loves that LSB is family – there for everyone. Currently studying child psychology. Passionate about Sauvignon Blanc and learning (ideally together!)."

Allison Toomer Global Finance Consultant UK

"Used to run a music promo company. Loves her job particularly when it comes to helping consultants navigate different countries challenging and complex accounting practices. Has sported amazing hairdos in various music videos."

Melissa Braconnier Group Finance Manager UK

"At LSB you make friends with people all over the world. Previously a designer whose work appeared in The Times. Through LSB’s community work has become passionate about care for the elderly."

Elke Fidler Finance Assistant UK

"Credit control and book-keeping. Loves the friendly and welcoming feeling in the office. Passions include: reducing her family’s environmental waste!"

Hayley Jack Administrative Coordinator UK

"Processes speaker and client contracts (amongst other tasks). Loves the people and the office environment, where she feels part of a global family. Hayley’s passions are crocheting and sword fighting."

Ludivine Costanzo Logistics and Events Manager France

"Loves the interactions with our amazing speakers, keeping them organised and then, whatever the challenge, getting them to the right venue on time. Passions include: dance, shopping and quantum physics!"

Kay Sisson Logistics Manager South Africa

"Loves making our trickier events happen. Finds it fascinating to work with so many different speakers. Passions include: 70s and 80s music, Arsenal, dogs and her four wonderful children."

Deborah Sisson Logistic Manager South Africa

"Ensuring speakers arrive on time in right place (and with their passport)! Loves the flexibility of working at LSB. A good swimmer who enjoys walking, movies and music."

Laura Beyers Logistics Manager South Africa

"Client and speaker liaison. Has sailed across the Atlantic twice and managed Robert Swan’s walks to both the North and South Pole. Passionate about equality and plants – sowing the seeds of love and health."

China Moore Executive Assistant to Kate Lossius UK

"Loves the culture at LSB and the co-operative and caring family spirit of the company. Passions include fine art and horse riding, including competing at gymkhanas!"

Scarlett Haslam Fox Executive Assistant to Georgia Bayley UK

"Assists Georgia Bayley. Previously worked in Art and Travel related roles. Constantly marvels at the expertise and knowledge of our speakers. Loves performing arts – particularly ballet and contemporary dance."

Alexis Leseigneur Group Digital Manager France

"Digitally connects people and ideas. Previously worked at Credit Agricole HQ in their top IT department. Loves anything digital, as tomorrow always brings something new. Passionate about sports and the outdoors."

Léo Toussaint Group Digital Assistant France

"Loves building a digital environment for LSB – which he finds fascinating! Previously worked for various comms agencies. Passionate about surfing and breakdancing!"

Cecile Saulnier Marketing Executive France

"Loves learning from top specialists in their field. Passions include: music and cats. Speaks cat (according to her cat) but learning an instrument is still on her bucket list!"

Eugenia Feoktistova Head of Executive Learning Russia

"Previously executive education director at Skolkovo Business School (Russia). Loves being part of LSB’s global family. Currently completing an MA at New York University. Passions include: human rights and philanthropy!"

Germany office

Roland Vestring Vice Chairman & Director Germany

"A thrill seeker. Gets most of these working in our constantly changing industry – now more than ever. Was previously a senior exec in the finance industry. Loves flying and has just got his pilot’s licence!"

Astrid Goetz PR & Marketing Germany

"Has a background in PR and media analysis. “LSB feeds my curiosity - connecting me with people I wouldn't know otherwise.” Passions include: cooking and having dinner with friends."

Barbara Panitz Senior Consultant Germany

"Barbara brings huge experience working in event management. Enjoys the variety of speakers, topics, and clients she encounters working for LSB. Loves sport, exotic travel and her two beautiful daughters!"

Patrizia Kraemer PA to Roland Vestring Germany

"Loves working with so many impressive and inspiring personalities. Used to help organise medical conferences for big events organisations."

Maximiliane Frank Logistic Manager Germany

"Loves working with our global family and the challenge of keeping speakers and clients happy. Passionate about triathlon and looking after her two adorable monsters (sorry children). Triathlon is easier!"

Gabriele Winter Logistic Manager Germany

"Biggest love is the coffee break with her team every morning. In a previous life was an architect. Always gets a buzz making travel arrangements for speakers…and herself."

Jenny Hauk Sales Assistant Germany

"With her background project managing events, Jenny assists Barbara in sales. Loves being kept up to date with the world through our amazing speakers and clients."

Maike Herold Consultant Germany

"Loves working with LSB because it gives her a chance to meet such a variety of experts whose knowledge covers such a vast array of topics!"

Juliane König Sale Assistant Germany

"Sales assistant. Has been a project manager in events for many years. Loves that every day at LSB is different. Passions include: travel and returning home!"

MFL Ltd, UK office

Maria Franzoni Director Of Maria Franzoni Ltd, A Licensed Office Of LSB MFL Ltd, UK

"Loves helping speakers grow their speaker business and hosting the speaker business podcasts. Specialities: technology, professional & financial services, pharma. Once had a private audience with Pope (Saint) John Paul II, so has been blessed by a Saint!"

Audrey Shaw Consultant MFL Ltd, UK

"Has been an EA in several industries. Loves making those last-minute bookings seem like no problem at all. Also jumping out of planes and getting her two sons through teenage years unscathed!"

Sian Jones Executive Assistant to Maria Franzoni MFL Ltd, UK

"Maria Franzoni's right hand, second brain and head of “getting things done!. Loves that no day is the same. Once worked for Sir Norman Foster. Passionate about holidaying and jumping out of planes for charity!"

Trevor Marsden Consultant MFL Ltd, UK


Bob Strange Consultant MFL Ltd, UK

"Has a long history of working in business and entertainment. Loves those difficult complicated jobs and still finding a way of making the client happy. Adores dogs. Can play a mean harmonica!"

Dominic Eldred-Earl Consultant MFL Ltd, UK

"An original thinker who enjoys finding interesting and thought-provoking speakers for clients. He loves learning from our amazing roster of people. Fact: he used to walk wolves! Passions are his family and the environment."

Ali Coleman Logistics Manager MFL Ltd, UK

"25+ years organising blue chip events. Loves ensuring we have happy speakers and happy clients! Used to hang out with massive sports stars – now lives in Wales with goats, horses and alpacas."

Mary Tilson Executive Learning & Speaker Coaching, MFL ltd MFL Ltd, UK

"6’1” blond former private eye. Now head of executive and speaker coaching. Loves helping speakers become the best versions of themselves. Passions? Everything. Life is for living!"

Other members from Europe

Dominic Evans Director The Netherlands

"Specialises in economics, IT, environment and geopolitics. Born on a diamond mine, Dominic enjoys helping organisation achieve excellence, fulfil their potential and find their metaphorical diamonds. Passions include: scuba diving, travel and spending time with his children."

Kevin Aall Director Norway

"Loves the variety of his work, meeting so many extraordinary people and the huge range of topics. His passion for music has led him to running rock and jazz festivals. Plays competitive table tennis."

Mary Menton Director Ireland

"Gets a real buzz meeting THE most intelligent people on the planet – both speakers and clients. In a previous life ran a Dublin based event company and homeless charity. Loves the outdoors, feeding birds and golf - preferably all together!"

Eilish Moran Consultant Ireland

"Loves the match-making and the insights and knowledge she gleans from speakers and clients. Passions include voluntary work in her local community. Lives by a lake but can’t swim!"

Emre Pusat Director Turkey

"Feels as if he was born an LSBer. Tries to book paid speakers for the Turkish market – which Emre says makes him interesting enough! His passions include the British Queen."

Nikita Cols Director Belgium & Luxembourg

"Sees her job as the best, where she shares the knowledge of the world’s greatest leaders! Loves listening to people’s stories and getting to know them. Passions include: travel and discovering other cultures."

Johann Matti Director France & Switzerland

"Loves learning about client’s challenges and needs and connecting clients with some of the brightest and most influential people in the world. An adjunct professor in Strategic Management. His passions are family, surfing and teaching."

Roxane Baiocco Consultant France

"Develops our French speakers and French client portfolio. Previously headed TEDx Paris. Loves the daily contact with the world’s brightest people. Born in France, raised in Senegal and a polyglot. Passionate about Space Exploration!"

Loida Peral Director Spain

"Spent 15 years working globally providing socio-economic reports for the world’s main media outlets. Loves working the world’s greatest minds and the amazing team at LSB. Also runs an NGO “Globers” developing youth."

Members from America Team

Caroline Hunt Director USA

"Loves the fascinating journey of learning about both her clients and speakers. Has spent 17 years at board level in creative industries. Caroline races motorbikes for fun and is a qualified mechanic. She is passionate about environmental issues."

Regina Gingell Director Brazil

"Once devised computer productivity programs. Loves the flexibility of working for LSB. Is a Fellow of Royal Geographic Society and has been on expeditions to the Amazon. Passions include charity work and Formula 1."

Members from Middle East Team

Tatjana Marinko Director Middle East

"Former pole vaulter! Expert at turning hard conversations into successful conversations! Loves learning new things in geopolitics, economics, digital and AI. Her passion is having dinner with her wonderful family."

Mariam Gonzalez Operations Manager Oman

"Loves that LSB believes in empowering its employees to discover their true potential; and the honour of meeting the some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders."

Marie Carloman Administrative Assistant Oman

"Loves learning new things every day and meeting so many brilliant people. Passions include visiting museums, listening to music and making arts and crafts."

Malaysia & South East Asia office

Harrienath Pillay Vice Chairman & Director Malaysia & South East Asia

"Former Think Tank research analyst. Harrie loves listening to and sharing stories with our big name speakers after their engagements. Thinks he might be Japanese! Passions include businesses being socially responsible and “making a difference”."

Evelynn Lim Marketing Manager Malaysia & South East Asia

"Marketing and business development manager. Loves the people she works with and travel. Can’t swim to save her life (or anyone else’s). Never happier than with a pint of Guinness."

Joanne Thia Marketing & Communications Executive Malaysia & South East Asia

"Loves her colleagues and listening to amazing people for free! Used to work at Tom’s favourite hotel which is how she heard about LSB. Passions include being a proud member of BTS ARMY and capsicum (she actually hates it)!"

Fadzilla John Charles Assistant Manager Malaysia & South East Asia

"Fadzilla is mother to 11 (eleven!) cats. She claims to enjoy her sweet tooth so much that she’s developed a separate stomach for desserts!"

N Jeyaseelan Managing Consultant Malaysia & South East Asia


Yumi Chan Multimedia Executive Malaysia & South East Asia

"Passionate about trying out new skills, software and design as part of sharing as persuasively as possible the LSB story. Loves practicing gel art on her nails - terrified of rollercoasters!"

Kenny Gan Director, Singapore Malaysia & South East Asia

"Kenny views working with LSB as an opportunity to help inspire people to be their best selves. Has over 20 years’ experience working in pharma and IT. Life-long and happy Liverpool fan!"

Jeffrey Meng Director, China Malaysia & South East Asia

"Enjoys being part of LSB’s global team and connecting amazing speakers with Chinese audiences. Also runs The Mencius Foundation (only one recognised by the Chinese Government), which promotes Chinese culture around the world."

India office

Meenal Nath Director India

"Enjoys meeting and learning from both her amazing clients and speakers. Was previously National Manager for India Samsung. Passions combine painting, sketching, clay modelling and car rallies!"

Bindu Malik Krishna National Head India

"Previously spent over 20 years in senior leadership roles. Loves developing long term relationships with clients and speakers. Has a great eye for detail – our grammar police! Passions include: alternative healing."

Mishika Kochar National Account Manager India

"Identifies the perfect speaker fit for our wonderful clients. Loves the freedom, control and trust she is given by LSB and tries to repay that trust. Passions include singing, camping and mountains."

Rajat Shubhra Mozumder Logistics & Admin India

"Previously at Network 18 Media, looking after the stars and managing large scale projects. Loves the flexibility that comes with working for LSB. Passions: singing, playing the tabla, cars and photography."

Saurav Duhan Marketing Executive India

"Our digital marketing specialist in India. Saurav loves creating innovative solutions. He’s a fan of trying out different cuisines and then burning it all off in a workout."

Members from Russian Team

Hugo Chittenden Director, Russia & CIS Russia


Marina Akhtimankina Senior Consultant Russia

"A corporate ESL coach who specialises in economics, cities, marketing, health, digital and AI. Loves flexibility of working for LSB. Keen wake surfer and traveller (over 30 countries)."

Julie Krutikova Logistics, Admin and Events Manager Russia

"Adores working for LSB: the countless opportunities meeting truly extraordinary people and attending important events. Passions include vegetarianism, modern art and yoga."