Executive learning

London Speaker Bureau’s (LSB) Executive Learning service is a selection of masterclasses for executives and senior managers. Each masterclass is led by an expert and tailored for groups of any size to meet specific organisational needs.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers who deliver a powerful message in a way that captivates an audience can ensure an event is memorable for many years.

Boardroom Advisory

Former heads of state, chairmen and senior directors, our advisors have extensive experience and insights into running successful organisations.Company boards and CEOs frequently work in isolation, cut off from the realities and challenges of the everyday corporate world.

I'm proud to present our amazing
team from around the world
Tom Kenyon-Slaney, Chairman

UK Team

Tom Kenyon-Slaney


team member katie lo

Katie Lo

Chief Operating Officer

Team Harry Whitbread

Harry Whitbread

Managing Director USA

Team Lucinda Swan

Lucinda Swan


team member kate lossius

Kate Lossius

Vice Chairman and Director

Team Sarah Isherwood

Sarah Isherwood

Senior Consultant

Team Georgia Bayley

Georgia Bayley

Senior Consultant

Team Rebecca Robson

Rebecca Robson

Senior Consultant

Team Maria Franzoni

Maria Franzoni

Director Of Maria Franzoni Ltd, A Licensed Office Of LSB

Team Marlen Kirsch

Marlen Kirsch


Team Audrey Shaw

Audrey Shaw


Team Trevor Marsden

Trevor Marsden


Team Dominic Eldred Earl

Dominic Eldred-Earl


team member bob strange

Bob Strange


Team Sian Jones

Sian Jones


Team Emma Dunderdale

Emma Dunderdale

Logistics Coordinator

Tean Wendy Morris

Wendy Morris

Head Of Exclusive Speakers

Team Allison Toomer

Allison Toomer

Financial Operations Manager

Team Ali Coleman

Ali Coleman

Logistics Coordinator


Hayley Jack

Admin Assistant

Team Melissa Braconnier

Melissa Braconnier

Finance Manager

Team Ludivine Costanzo

Ludivine Costanzo

Administration & Logistics Coordinator


Deborah Sisson

Logistic Manager

Team Alexis Leseigneur

Alexis Leseigneur

Group Digital Manager

Team Kay Sisson

Kay Sisson

Logistics Manager


Léo Toussaint

Digital Manager Assistant - France


Megan Rea

Marketing Executive - France


Europe Team

Roland Vestring

Vice Chairman - Germany

Astrid LSB Germany Consultant

Astrid Goetz

Head Of PR & Marketing - Germany


Birgit Stock

Senior Consultant - Germany


Barbara Panitz

Senior Consultant - Germany


Patrizia Kraemer

Personal Assistant - Germany


Maximiliane Frank

Administration & Logistics Coordinator - Germany


Shirin Komm

Organisation and Logistics - Germany


Gabriele Winter

Organisation & Logistic Coordinator - Germany


Jenny Hauk

Sales Assistant - Germany

+49 721 9209 8228

Maike Herold

Junior Consultant - Germany

+49 721 9209 8228
Team Dominic Evans

Dominic Evans

Director, Netherlands - The Netherlands

Team Kevin Aall

Kevin Aall

Director, Norway - Norway

Team Mary Menton

Mary Menton

Director, Ireland - Ireland

Team Eilish Moran

Eilish Moran

Consultant - Ireland

Team Emre Pusat

Emre Pusat

Director, Turkey - Turkey

Team Oliver Chittenden

Oliver Chittenden

Director, France, Luxembourg & Belgium - France

Team Johann Matti

Johann Matti

Director, France & Switzerland - France

Team Nikita Cols

Nikita Cols

Consultant, Belgium & Luxembourg - Belgium


America Team

Team Caroline Hunt

Caroline Hunt

Director - USA

Team Pierre Bisaillon

Pierre Bisaillon

Director - Canada

Team Eugenia Feoktistova

Eugenia Feoktistova

Senior Consultant & Head Of Executive Learning - USA


Middle East Team

Team Tatjana Markinko

Tatjana Marinko

Director, Middle East - UAE

team member loida peral

Loida Peral

Executive Director - Bahrain

Team Mariam Gonzalez

Mariam Gonzalez

Office Manager - Oman

Team Marie Carloman

Marie Carloman

Consultant - Oman


Asia Team

Team Meenal Nath

Meenal Nath

National Manager - India

Team Mishika Kochar

Mishika Kochar

Assistant Manager & Consultant - India

Team Bindu Malik Krishna

Bindu Malik Krishna

Consultant - India

Team Jeffrey Meng

Jeffrey Meng

Director, China - China

Team Harrienath Pillay

Harrienath Pillay

Director, South East Asia & Hong Kong - Malaysia

Team Evelynn Lym

Evelynn Lim

Assistant Manager & Consultant - Malaysia

Team Fadzillah John Charles

Fadzilla John Charles

Consultant - Malaysia

Team Joanne Thia

Joanne Thia

Consultant - Malaysia

Team Diana Maarof

Diana Maarof

Multimedia Designer - Malaysia


Kenny Gan

Director, Singapore - Singapore


Russian Team

Team Hugo Chittenden

Hugo Chittenden

Director, Russia & CIS - Russia

Team Marina Akhtimankina

Marina Akhtimankina

Consultant - Russia


Rest of the World Team

Team Regina Gingell

Regina Gingell

Consultant - Brazil