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Andrew Keen – How to Fix the Future – Latest book

Entrepreneur, author and broadcaster Andrew Keen is among the world’s best known contemporary analysts of digital business and culture, and commentators on the digital revolution.


Andrew Keen was among the earliest to write about the dangers of the Internet to our culture and society. His previous book, The Internet Is Not the Answer, saw Keen’s explanation of how the Digital Revolution has had many negative effects that we are perhaps not aware of.

Published on the 6 February 2018, Keen’s new book, How to Fix the Future, based on research, analysis, and Keen’s own reporting in America and around the world, showcases global solutions for our digital predicament.


Keen identifies five broad strategies to tackle the digital future: competitive innovation, government regulation, consumer choice, social responsibility by business leaders, and education.


How to Fix the Future provides hope that the economic inequality, unemployment, cultural decay, war on privacy, and individual alienation that the digital upheaval is causing may still be solvable, and that the future may yet become something that we can look forward to.

[no_blockquote text=”Drawing on nearly 100 interviews, the author describes the work of individuals around the world to counter the negative effects of ‘vast digital monopolies and the pervasive culture of online surveillance.’ All illustrate his reform strategies in action. Keen’s bright overview includes conversations with innovators in Estonia and Singapore-international hubs of digital reform-who are working to re-establish trust and agency in cyberspace life. – Kirkus Reviews” show_border=”yes” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Andrew Keen is a regular lecturer at major international conferences, speaking on the impact of new technology on 21st century business, education and society.  He was a featured speaker in 2011 at the E-G8, former French President Sarkozy’s pre G8 gathering of digital leaders in Paris, where he spoke about the impact of data on individual privacy.

Testimonials on Andrew Keen

“Andrew Keen is a no nonsense, crap cutting provocateur. As a speaker, he offers whip smart, no-shit insights into what technology might actually mean.”

— Director of WPPStream the WPP(un)conference


“Andrew Keen is one of the most fascinating speakers I had during my 7 year tenure as master curator of Innotribe at Sibos. I have seen him perform at other prime events like Techonomy and The Drucker Forum.  As a true contrarian, he debunks myths and beliefs about the Internet and technology hypes, challenges conventional thinking, and brings back the  conversation to universal values of humanity. His delivery is passionate, deeply researched, and illustrated with poignant visuals and metaphors. His stage energy is contagious.”

— Co-Founder Innotribe

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