london speaker bureau becoming carbon neutral company

London Speaker Bureau’s journey towards carbon neutrality

London Speaker Bureau has committed itself to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2020.

London Speaker Bureau’s ethos is to connect ideas and people; in today’s world this should not be carbon heavy. Clients and colleagues alike say that they want to be ready for the future. That they want to be part of creating a prosperous, sustainable, resilient economy. There’s no better way to demonstrate how this is possible than supporting others through our creating shared strategy and going carbon neutral ourselves.


London Speaker Bureau has already made great strides towards our goal of carbon neutrality, seeking immediate cuts to our physical footprint – changing the way we run conferences and manage our travel and our offices.

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Our targets for each year are outlined in full below:


2016: Offset all LSB run events

All of London Speaker Bureau events are offset including both internal conferences and meetings as well as marketing events. This means that all use of electricity, food and beverage consumption in addition to travel for speakers and staff to and from LSB events is offset.


2017: Offset all speakers’ travel to events

As a global company with clients and speakers dotted all over the world, international travel is frequent for our speakers. By the end of 2017 LSB committed to offsetting all speakers’ travel to and from the events that we are involved in all over the world.


2018: Offset all LSB staff’s travel to events

LSB staff from all 18 of our global offices frequently travel both for meetings as well as to client events to accompany speakers. As both our offices and events are so wide spread, LSB staff are frequently travelling internationally – therefore in order to achieve carbon neutrality it’s imperative that our staff’s professional travel is offset.


2019: Offset all of LSB’s global offices

By the end of 2019 all of LSB’s 18 global offices will be offset by measuring and monitoring our offices’ carbon usage across the world.


2020: LSB totally carbon neutral

Following each of the targets described, by the year 2020 LSB will have offset of its carbon emissions globally.


In order to offset our carbon emissions, LSB has partnered with Carbon Footprint, supporting a solar power project in India.

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The project activity involves the installation of two solar power plants in the states of Tamil Nadu and Telangana in India. The total installed capacity of the project is 56.25 MW. The electricity generated is fed directly to the regional grid system, displacing energy that would have been generated by fossil fuel based power plants. This project provides employment opportunities during the construction and operation phases as well as demonstrates the technology in the region.


solar panel IndiaThe proposed project activity will support development of renewable energy generation plants based on Solar PV technology in India and delivering electricity to the grid.
Since, the solar power is Green House Gas (GHG) emissions free, the power generated will replace anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases estimated to be approximately 93,022 tonnes of CO2e per year, thereon displacing 95,145 MWh/year amount of electricity from the generation-mix of power plants connected to the INDIAN GRID, which is mainly dominated by fossil fuel based power plant.