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Cyber Security Webinar with experts Jessica Barker and F C

London Speaker Bureau recently hosted a cyber security webinar with two experts on cyber security and hacking: Dr Jessica Barker and FC. The session delved in to why cyber security is about more than just technology.


The two speakers are well versed on various aspects of cyber security – Jessica Barker is an expert in the human side of cyber security, and FC is an “ethical hacker” and social engineer whose job is to act as a hacker in order to identify holes in organisations’ cyber security.


To many people, cyber security sounds like it’s all about technology.


However, at its core, cyber security is about how people handle information and keeping information safe from people who will abuse it. Understanding psychological, cultural and physical dimensions of cyber security is as vital to protecting information as understanding bits and bytes.


The first half of the webinar saw Jessica speak about the human side of cyber security – how we can protect ourselves as members of organisations, giving examples of how human fallibility can lead to detrimental cyber security breaches.


Barker’s work surrounds the psychology and sociology of cyber security, particularly regarding cyber security threats, social engineering, how to effectively communicate cyber security messages, the psychology of fear and cyber security, and the language of cyber security. Her specialisms span cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture.


F C then went on to describe some of the work he has done to identify where organisations are going wrong in protecting themselves.
As an ethical social engineer, F C ‘breaks into’ hundreds of banks, offices and government facilities in the UK and Europe. His work demonstrates weaknesses in physical, personnel and digital controls assists organisations to improve their security. His client list involves every major high-street bank in the UK, FTSE100 companies and multiple government agencies and security forces.


Together, the two cyber security experts provide a holistic idea of how we can protect ourselves from hackers by analysing both the potential attack as well as the tactics we can employ to effectively defend.


Jessica Barker and F C are available as keynote speakers both individually and as a pairing in order to provide audiences with a comprehensive idea of how to analyse their cyber security.



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