David Miliband on Trump’s immigration ban

Miliband now resides in New York, where he heads up the International Rescue Committee, one of the non-profit humanitarian organisation, which provides relief for refugees and victims on armed conflict around the world.

In his interview with the Guardian, Miliband described Trump’s decision as a “test” for western countries to maintain its values of freedom and non-discrimination. Miliband hopes that Trump’s executive order will shock Europe into action and “remind Europeans…of solidarity, compassion and internationalism”.

The IRC’s work is tied to the consequences of Trump’s immigration ban, with it being one of the largest refugee resettlement groups in the US.

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More about David Miliband

From 2007-10 Miliband served as the UK’s Foreign Secretary, where he was responsible for a global network of diplomats in more than 160 countries. He established a distinctive voice for an internationalist Britain, from the war in Afghanistan to the Iranian nuclear programme to engagement with the world’s emerging powers.

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