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Our exclusive interview with Bruno Marion, Futurist and Chaos Specialist

London Speaker Bureau’s Director of France, Johann Matti recently met Bruno Marion, Keynote Speaker, futurist and specialist on utilising ‘Chaos Theory’.

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Bruno Marion spends his life conducting research about humanity’s evolution and the amazing (r)evolutions we face: financial, economic and social.

For the past 25 years, Bruno has been exploring the major individual and collective evolutions of our world. During his journey, he has met all kinds of people: CEOs of large corporate companies, religious leaders, gurus, prisoners, wealthy people, homeless people, artists, scientists and political figures, the list goes on.

As a result, he published the book Chaos, a User’s Guide. This book offers solutions to both develop ourselves and the organisations that we work for, unveiling hidden patterns based on Chaos Theory.

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Bruno’s knowledge spans every important subject in our personal and professional lives. His tools can be applied to our personal relationships, friendships as well as in the work place. His theory could be applied to the environment for instance, determining how to reinvent the recycling chain. It could teach us how to become more resilient, or even influence our professional careers, finding our place in society based on our hopes and motivations.

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Why? Because “The world is getting better, worse and faster than ever” Bruno says. People need to update the strategies of their lives and that’s what Bruno is trying to help with.

Want to know more about Chaos, a User’s Guide? Follow this link.

Bruno is conducting an experiment using his book and tools whereby he offers the book as a free download. His initiative follows the ‘Gift Economy’ trend: he gives you his book and you are free to give back whatever it has been worth to you later.

As part of his job, another experiment Bruno is conducting is to live in a “resilient home”, producing his own electricity. With his own wind turbine, he is able to produce twice the amount of electricity that he needs to live. Read more about it here.

For more information, see London Speaker Bureau’s interview with Bruno Marion below.

More about Bruno Marion

Engineer and holder of an MBA, Bruno has written several best-selling books on Asian cultures, having forecasted the emergence of Asia 30 years ago.

A renowned keynote speaker, Bruno has given speeches at Airbus, AXA, Dior, H-P, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Reuters, Total to name a few.

For a recent interview with LEAP laboratory about his book ‘Chaos, a User’s Guide’, please click here.

To read more about Bruno Marion, click here.

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