In Conversation with Dambisa Moyo: International Economist, House of Lords

We had the pleasure of sitting down with International Economist and Member of the House of Lords, Dambisa Baroness Moyo.

Dambisa Moyo Keynote Speaker

Zambian-born Baroness Moyo was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. During this interview, she reveals how she intends to use this platform for the greater good.

The leading thinker in strategic investment and public policy is known for her insightful perspectives and role as co-principal at Versaca Investments, bringing a global view to growth investing. Baroness Moyo explores how technology will impact the future of global investments, as well as the implications this will have for various industries.

She serves on several prestigious boards, including 3M, Chevron, and Conde Nast, with a keen focus on capital allocation, risk, and ESG issues. Baroness Moyo also discusses her take on the historic year of elections occurring globally.

Holding a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford and a Master’s from Harvard, Moyo is an acclaimed author with five New York Times Bestsellers, including her latest, “How Boards Work” on the Wall Street Journal best business book list.


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