Angela Oguntala in Interview

Interview with Angela Oguntala, Futurist

Angela is a partner at Grey Space, which is a company that applies foresight and design to combat systematic challenges, in order to construct meaningful futures. She specialises in guiding companies by advising them on managing uncertainty, innovating with purpose and the value of collective imagination within organisations. 

Angela Oguntala Keynote Speaker

Angela Oguntala stresses the importance of combining future thinking with design and innovation, as it is essential when exploring the future of health, money, work and various other domains. This allows us to more accurately visualise what the future holds as one “can’t build what they cannot even imagine”. Angela advises companies on how they can effectively anticipate and adapt to radical changes, while proactively taking advantage of the porous environment this uncertainty creates within markets and societies. 

She works on “turning existential threats into existential choices” as well as encouraging organisations to actively think how they are contributing to the wider world, in terms of the impact they are having and aspire to have. The United Nations OICT & Ars Electornia have recognised her work by naming her a “Future Innovator”.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
  • 00:36 – Can you tell us more about your expertise in blending futures thinking with design and innovation?
  • 01:45 – How can organisations benefit from it?
  • 02:24 –  Can you tell us about the importance of collective imagination in your work?
  • 04:02 – Why is it important to innovate during uncertain times?
  • 05:32 –  Do you need to be an optimist to be a futurist?


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