Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez in Interview

Interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez – International Expert in Strategy

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is an expert in Project Management and Strategy Implementation. He specialises in advising senior leaders on the importance of prioritising projects and effective management. His work was recently published in the Harvard Business Review, which is a great achievement.  

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In our exclusive interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, he discusses his journey into project management and why he remains so passionate about the topic. He explores the immense amount of gain the effective management of projects creates and discusses factors that need to change so that companies deliver and prioritise true value and outcomes. 

Project management is commonly perceived as an over-complicated subject. With that being said, Nieto-Rodriguez strives to “simplify project management so that everybody – kids, young millennials – can use these principles for their project”. By employing a “less is more approach”, he has made project management more accessible and effective. He explains in this interview that “we can solve any problem in the world, in 10% of the time then we thought, the formula is there, we just need to use it”. 

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:16 – What is your story about Project Management? What got you into and kept you in Project Management?
  • 02:30 – You speak about the project economy, we have had projects in the economy since the Industrial revolution, what has changed?
  • 05:07 – You are recognized as an expert in Project management. Can you explain why the success rate of projects has hardly changed in the last 50 years?
  • 07:38 – And why do so many projects fail?
  • 12:04 – Do Project management professionals overcomplicate things?
  • 08:21 – Could you talk about your approach “Less is More” in Project Management?
  • 14:40 – What is next for you?



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