Barbara Serra: Journalist, TV Presenter and Author

How can your message be truly heard and understood, as apart of a global conversation? Barbara Serra explores why it is crucial to look at inclusion and diversity through the lens of speaking English as a second-language.

She was awarded a Knighthood by the Italian government,  recognising her work in international journalism. The sought-after moderator has over 20 years of experience working for Al Jazeera English, Sky News and the BBC.

“Only 1/3 of the 1.5 billion people around the world who do speak English, speak it as a native language.”

Barbara Serra was the first non-native English speaker to present a primetime news programme on British TV. Leveraging decades worth of experience in international journalism, Barbara enlightens organisations on the privilege of speaking English, noting that “our interconnected world is only interconnected if you speak English”.

Barbara will highlight how speaking English as a second language can be a disadvantage, and focus on the issues around the impact of working in a non-native language and having a foreign accent. The way we speak is closely linked to our background. That needs to be acknowledged if people from different cultures outside the Anglo-sphere are to be truly empowered.

The award-winning journalist breaks down the importance of engaging in this topic, as well as how organisations can reach new heights through empowering people from different backgrounds.



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