Christ Kutarna in Interview

Interview with Chris Kutarna, Map Maker & Co-author of “Age of Discovery”

Chris Kutarna is a map maker and co-author of the international best-selling book, Age of Discovery. He works with organisations, corporations, leaders and communities in order to improve the way in which they operate, by encouraging out-the-box thinking and critical analysis of the world in which we live. 

keynote speaker christopher kutarna

Chris Kutarna founded Neue Geographical Society, a global community of original thinkers, people who strive to see the world in new ways while utilising the power of collective intelligence.  

Kutarna stresses the importance of building wide alliances across different sectors and organisations – encouraging people to activate their “second-brain”. Technology is very important and significantly impacts our world and future, one must not disregard other factors shaping our future such as mass-migration due to climate change and China’s growing influence as a superpower, to name a couple. Therefore, leaders, organisations and communities need to learn to navigate these seemingly unpredictable waters, essentially, lead while lost in order to explore and “find new worlds”. 

Kutarna predicted some of the most fundamental events that have characterised the world over the past 5 years such as; a populist American president, Brexit and a pandemic. His critical way of viewing the world and evaluating the future is highly valuable. He hopes to encourage and teach others to do the same. Kutarna has created workshops for senior-leaders, through the University of Oxford’s Executive Education programme. 

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
  • 01:51 – What have you been up to lately?
  • 03:36 – What major transformations do you think will happen, internationally, in the next 10 years?
  • 06:01 – Are organisations and people evolving at the same pace? What actions should leaders take to ensure effective adaptation to these various changes?
  • 08:37 – With regards to mapping the future, do you base your research on major historical events?
  • 10:20 – What is next for you?


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