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Interview with Prof. Christian Busch: The Serendipity Mindset

Professor Christian Busch is a best-selling author and world-renowned expert on helping companies adapt in our rapidly changing world, by shifting mindsets towards embracing the “unexpected” as an ally. This particular mindset is referred to as, “The Serendipity Mindset” – which has far-reaching impacts on organisations and their long-term success. Busch describes this as: “when you can look at every situation, and you don’t see the constraints, but instead try to understand… is there some kind of meaning in there, is there some kind of opportunity in there, and can I reframe the situation?”

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Dr. Christian Busch is a professor at The London School of Economics and NYU, where he runs The CGA Global Economy Program. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Expert Forum, and on the Thinker50 Radar list of 30 thinkers “most likely to shape the future”. 

For decades, Busch has been fascinated with searching for meaning, and eventually realised the true power in effectively connecting ideas and people, in order to bring about meaningful change. Through years of experience working with people, he found that “the most successful, inspiring, joyful people have something in common, which is that they intuitively cultivate serendipity, they see something in the unexpected, and then they connect the dots and turn that into something positively unexpected”.

This exclusive interview with London Speaker Bureau provides meaningful insight into this “Serendipity Mindset”, and why it plays such an important role in achieving long-term success.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:45 – What made you explore the areas that you’re focusing on?
  • 01:48 – What are two ways to cultivate serendipity?
  • 03:21 – How can individuals and organizations create a culture for innovation in this fast-changing world? What are some exciting examples?
  • 05:34 – What advice do you have for leaders that aim to be fit for the future?
  • 07:04 – What is next for you?


Christian Busch book: Connect the Dots

Dr. Christian Busch‘s book “Connect the Dots: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck” is available now

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