Felicity Aston in Interview

Interview with Felicity Aston – Explorer, Scientist and Author

Felicity Aston, MBE, is a polar explorer, scientist and author. She has broken numerous world records; she is the first woman to journey across Antartica’s landmass alone, and the only person to have done so using muscle power. She shares her experiences and lessons with wide global audiences.

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Felicity Aston discusses her latest book, “Life Lessons from Explorers”, in which she examines 15 famous explorers who have shaped the world of leadership and adaptability. Through this she discovered that “even these giants of exploration were plagued with the same problems that [she’s] experienced and many others have too”.

Even though seemingly worlds apart, she looks at how these “life lessons” can be applied as metaphors to business. The “explorer’s mindset” has become a well-known concept in the business world, meaning that in order to prosper, courage to explore uncharted territories, think differently and forge new paths is essential in this competitive environment. Aston also discusses the psychological journey that is synonymous with these extreme expeditions and notes that it “is often more interesting than the physical journey itself”.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:51 – Your new book ‘Life lessons from Explorers’ was released this summer – could you give us a quick summary please?
  • 01:41 – Do you have a favourite explorer, and why them?
  • 02:44 – How do explorers relate to the business world?
  • 03:44 – Can you please elaborate on the ‘Explorer Mindset’?
  • 04:36 – As a mental health advocate, what are your thoughts on this global issue?
  • 05:38 – Covid has been synonymous with loneliness for many – How did you overcome this during your expeditions?
  • 06:43 – What is next for you?


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