Haiyan Wang in Interview

Interview with Haiyan Wang, Expert on Emerging Asia, China & Global

Wang is an expert on emerging Asia, with a specific focus on the growing influence of China and India. She is the managing partner of the China India Institute, an advisory organisation that researches the growth of emerging markets and the way in which crucial stakeholders will be affected as a result of this economic expansion. 

Haiyan Wang Keynote Speaker

Haiyan Wang discusses the implications the pandemic caused for China and India as well as the different challenges these countries faced and how they combatted them. This outbreak resulted in rapid global digitalisation and highlighted the increasing ideological divide between democratic and one-party ruled nations. The growing power dynamic in Asia is on an upward trajectory with no signs of slowing. India’s growth expectations are huge, it will soon be deemed the fastest growing economy. Wang states that “getting Asia right is less an option and more of a strategic necessity” – regarding company and governmental relations with these countries.

She discusses Asia’s long term outlook, including the impressive sustainability initiatives being implemented. Amongst other accolades, she has been recognised as one of “the worlds most influential management thinkers” by Thinkers50 and a “New Guru” by the Economic Times.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – How has the global pandemic impacted China & India?
  • 02:20 – Looking beyond Covid-19, what’s your long-term outlook for Asia?
  • 03:15 – What are China’s key priorities and why?
  • 05:04 – How will US-China rivalry unfold?
  • 07:33 – In a post-pandemic world, how should companies strategise about globalisation?
  • 08:48 – What is next for you?

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