Interview With Inés Yabar: Co-Founder Of Ensemble Pour Techo, Sustainable Activist, YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth

Inés Yabar is incredibly modest about her achievements, yet hearing her speak betrays her passion and drive in making a difference. The 27-year-old activist from Peru describes how she has travelled around meeting people taking action to achieve a more sustainable world. She states how “any young person can be a change-maker and impact the community that they’re in”. 

Yabar argues that young people are often left out from processes, stating they should rather be “embedded within them”. She describes how the youth have more innovation, lived experiences on different issues, new perspectives and a unique drive and energy holding real value for organisations and society. Yabar believes that “partnerships are the key to achieving a more sustainable and just world”.

Yabar explores the importance of taking action, and the snowball effect this can create. When she started doing an ocean clean up she had no idea that seven years later a law would be passed relating to it, and that similar courses of action would be discussed by other countries.

Ines Yabar also discusses looking for intersectionality. Since she started working on cleaning the ocean whilst also looking after people, she became aware of how working with people and working with the environment are often presented as mutually exclusive and pitched against each other.

Another thing Ines Yabar is passionate about is partnerships. She describes multilateralism as a “way that states engage with each other to make sure that they’re listening to their different issues but also collaborating in the ones where they find commonalities”. Yabar argues that multilateralism can create a global agenda for how we achieve a world in which future generations can thrive.



YOUTHTOPIA is a collective formed of young people from all over the globe, inspiring and empowering themselves and others to become catalysts for positive change. 

London Speaker Bureau and YOUTHTOPIA have partnered to amplify the fresh, dynamic perspectives of these young visionaries. This will foster a collaborative environment of innovation that embodies commitment to the community, and accelerate the reshaping of industries, development of societal progress and creation of forward-thinking solutions to prominent global issues.

By working with YOUTHTOPIA, London Speaker Bureau hopes to create a synergy that enables individuals to work with companies to drive change and achieve a holistic impact greater than the sum of its separate parts.

Video Timeline

  • 0:22 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 1:29 – What is the power of the youth today?
  • 2:37 – Can you tell us a bit about your sustainability journey?
  • 4:40 – What role can multilateralism play in achieving global sustainability goals?
  • 5:39 – How do you maintain such a strong belief in your mission?
  • 7:32 – What is next for you?


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