Justin Packshaw in Interview

Interview with Justin Packshaw: Explorer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

During this interview, Justin Packshaw provides fascinating insights into leadership, performance and teamwork. His devotion to all his endeavour’s is palpable; from founding successful companies and leading pioneering expeditions around the globe to his philanthropy efforts, which he passionately prioritises. 

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Justin Packshaw is the Chairman of Joro Experiences, a travel company forging a path for sustainable travel. He is also the Director of a successful jewellery company, De Roemer. He was an officer in the British Army, served in the first Gulf war and was Equerry to one of the British Royal Family. He is an expert when it comes to inspiring and motivating those around him, and shares his recipe for continued success.

Packshaw recently returned home from his latest 2 150km expedition – Chasing the Light – where him and a partner kiteskiied across Antartica, unsupported, for 57 days. This was a ground-breaking mission – in collaboration with NASA, European Space Agency and Stanford University – to collect data informing climate change research as well as the psychological and physiological effects this vast and strenuous environment has on humans, for the study of space being the next frontier. “Antartica’s a good petri dish for actually looking at how – in a one dimensional way – people will act when they’re stretched and conditions are quite difficult”. He discusses this journey, their findings and why this research is vital for future generations going into space.

He has been privileged enough to explore all four-corners of the globe – including multiple trips up Mount Everest, riding horses across Mongolia in search of the Tsaatan Reindeer tribes; motor biking across East Africa and winning a 450 mile man-hauling race to the Magnetic North Pole. With that being said, he has witnessed first hand the devastating effects climate change is having on communities and eco-systems. Further reinforcing his passion for sustainability efforts and climate change action.

Another point of interest for Packshaw, is advising business leaders and companies on how to “create a conscientious culture” and to help these organisations “focus on solving the right challenges, by asking the right questions… a lot of the time the wrong questions are asked, and time is wasted”. Packshaw has plenty of useful and pioneering insights to share. We just see the tip of the iceberg in this interview. 

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:21 – You initially intended to cross Antartica, on foot, in 80 days – you completed this 2 150km journey in 57 days. How was this achieved and what was this experience like from a physical and mental health aspect?
  • 03:30 During this recent expedition, you carried-out research for NASA and ESA. What is the intended purpose of this research and what were some notable findings?
  • 05:12 You are a passionate philanthropist, involved in supporting many important causes. What initiative are you currently prioritising, and why?
  • 07:40 – During these uncertain times, what message do you have for business leaders and companies?
  • 09:54 –How are you able to balance between so many different roles and responsibilities?
  • 12:56 – What is your recipe for success?
  • 15:13 – What is next for you?

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