Kate O'Neill in Interview

Exclusive Interview with Kate O’Neill: ‘Tech Humanist’, Strategy Expert

Kate O’Neill is a futurist, strategy expert and the founder and CEO of KO Insights. The author of four books is often referred to as the ‘Tech Humanist’ –  the title of her latest book – in which she illustrates how to steer technology in a direction that benefits the most people, in the best way.

Kate O'Neill Keynote Speaker

Kate O’Neill has worked with global companies such as Google, Etsy and Cisco to optimise the role technology plays in the modern world. She has recently been featured as an expert commentator on BBC and many other international media sites.

During this interview, O’Neill discusses how useful data and technology can be for businesses and ways in which this can be optimised by making “more intentional choices around design decisions”.  She talks about large-scale problems that technology can prove very useful in solving.

Kate O’Neill is passionate about diversifying the technological space and making it a more inclusive industry, which is important and essential for all innovation going forward. Her optimistic view on this complex topic provides valuable and useful insights into a world which is ever-evolving.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16Please tell us a bit about yourself
  • 01:10 – You interview great minds on your “Tech Humanist” show where you explore how data and technology shape the human experience. Do you have a stand-out discussion?
  • 02:15 You have a realistic and optimistic view on the role of technology in the world. What fuels this approach?
  • 03:56 What does the future look like for women in technology, and what was your experience with this? If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would it be?
  • 06:02 – Why is it so important for businesses to take a more human-centric approach to digital transformation?
  • 07:49 – In these uncertain times, what message do you have for business leaders and companies?
  • 10:07 –What is your view on the Metaverse?
  • 12:58 – What is next for you?

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