Interview with Kelly Vero: Futurist, game developer and an architect of the Metaverse

Is the metaverse still as ‘buzzworthy’? Will AI make us more or less creative as a society? How can the metaverse be used for good? Architect of the metaverse, Kelly Vero, sits down with London Speaker Bureau to discuss this and more during this exclusive interview. 

Kelly Vero Keynote Speaker

The Futurist discusses the hype around the metaverse, and how brands can leverage the technology going forward. She explores the ‘myriad of things that you can do with AI’ and where this fits inside the business verticals of it all.

Named amongst the ‘Future 100 Women’, her experience in game development and tech innovation remains highly sought-after.  Kelly Vero is disrupting the fashion industry through technology, having imprinted her genius upon iconic franchises – merging the two worlds in a revolutionary way.

She is joining the World Economic Forum “to develop gamification as part of their Global Village Project in 2024” – which will use gamification as a tool for good, becoming the first global, purpose-driven metaverse platform.

Historical tech endeavours have a major ecological impact – unknown to many. Kelly Vero explores this problematic reality and the consequences it will have.

She embodies the powerful intersection of technology and creativity, inspiring innovation across domains.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:30 – What does the future of the metaverse look like? Is it still as ‘buzz-worthy’?
  • 01:07 – Will AI make us more or less creative as a society?
  • 01:55 – You’re on of the exclusive Future 100 Women. What does this mean to you?
  • 03:01 – How are you disrupting the fashion industry?
  • 04:50 – What has a career highlight been for you?
  • 06:07 – What are the ecological impacts of historical tech endeavours?
  • 08:01 – What is the secret to harmonising imagination and technological ingenuity?
  • 09:01 – During these uncertain times, what advice do you have for leaders and corporations?

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