Neil Martin in Interview

Interview with Neil Martin, Formula 1 Strategist and Data Scientist

Neil Martin is a Formula 1 Strategist and Data Scientist. He is a pioneer in the Formula 1 world, as he brought mathematical modelling and predictive analytics into the area of race strategy. This sparked a digital transformation era within Formula 1, eventually inspiring the whole company to apply these revolutionary techniques. He has worked in senior management roles for some of the biggest teams in motor racing; Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.  

Neil Martin Keynote Speaker

Neil Martin‘s data analysis techniques transformed the Formula 1 and motor racing industry by “allowing us to put the gut feel or learned behaviours of people into perspective… and take the emotion out of the beliefs and the decisions and let the data tell the story for itself”. 

This approach to race strategy fundamentally embraces risk and removes personal bias, by running “millions of simulations, to look at millions of different future outcomes of the race… so if one of these options does occur, they have already calculated the scenario in advance” and as a result, have a strategy. This approach essentially finds opportunity within risk and turns “uncertainty” into a competitive advantage. 

In this interview, he discusses how the nature of decision-making has changed over the 30 years he has worked within the industry. With that being said, “data analytics can be used for better outcomes everywhere”. Martin gives us a glimpse into his expert approach to risk management and decision-making.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:15 – Your career spans over 3 decades, including senior management roles within some of the biggest teams in F1; McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari. How has the nature of decision-making in the industry transformed over this time?
  • 02:35 – How did your approach to “Race Strategy” differ from the norm, and why was it so much more effective? 
  • 04:15 – Working in such a high-performance industry, what is your main tip regarding risk management?
  • 05:41 – How does data analysis help optimise performance and ensure better decision making?
  • 07:01 – What can other corporations learn from the way in which F1 deals with risk, uncertainty, and performance?
  • 09:05 – What is next for you?


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