Interview with Renowned Global Strategist, Nenad Pacek.

Leading expert on global strategy, Nenad Pacek, sits down with us to discuss the economic and business issues concerning multinational corporations seeking faster growth internationally. 

An advisor to over 500 multinational corporations, mostly from the Fortune 500 and FT 500 lists, he is the founder and president of Global Success Advisors “working with global boards and leadership teams discussing geopolitics, economics and corporate strategies.” keynote speaker Nenad Pacek

The Former Executive VP from The Economist Group shares his take on the current geopolitical climate; “it’s only going to get worse.” He breaks down the dynamic between China and the US, and how this will impact corporate strategies in the coming years. 

Nenad Pacek provides a balanced analysis of the global economy as well as the business trends that are defining markets. He explores how international corporations can successfully expand in all markets, by “out-smarting local competition.”

The complex nature of international geopolitics, economics and business continues to evolve and change. Nenad Pacek is the renowned strategist who connects the dots for businesses, sharing his deep understanding of all markets. Acting as a filter for companies with his finger on the pulse, his advisory remains highly sought-after.


Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:02 – What’s your take on the state of the current geopolitical climate?
  • 05:50 – What’s your take on the state of the current global economy?
  • 11:07 – What’s your take on today’s business trends?

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