Interview with Ronan Harrington: Resilience Expert

What is the neuroscience of resilience, and how can we build it? How can people avoid burning-out in the first place? Why should workplace wellbeing be a top priority for organisations?  Ronan Harrington explores these dynamic questions and more, during this London Speaker Bureau exclusive. Ronan Harrington Keynote Speaker

He teaches on the KPMG C-Suite Leadership Programme and advises world leading companies on how to create healthy, high performance cultures. Ronan Harrington’s fresh take provides actionable ways to combat burnout and reach peak levels of performance.

All rooted in the science of resilience, Ronan debunks some of the widespread wellness initiatives implemented by companies, acting as a ‘sticking plaster’ that proves ineffective.  He helps people and corporations approach this subject in a more intelligent way – “if you don’t look after your wellness, you’ll be forced to tend to your illness”.

Ronan Harrington explores “the gift of adversity” that so many experience, and his defining moments of resilience. His honest and sometimes raw story has moved thousands of people – transforming perspectives and workplaces. He illuminates how we “put ourselves on a burnout trajectory”, as well as how to change this.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:58 – Many people are oblivious of their trajectory towards burnout. How can they change something they are not necessarily aware of?
  • 02:36 – What are some emerging trends in the field of resilience and burnout? How do you see the field evolving in the future?
  • 04:09 – What experiences have defined your most resilient moments?
  • 07:15 – How can organizations create a culture of resilience that supports employees’ well-being and promotes high performance?
  • 08:58 – What are some practical tips for individuals to build their resilience and cope with stress and uncertainty – both personally and professionally?
  • 10:29 – How can organisations measure resilience and burnout in their teams, and what metrics can be used to track progress?
  • 12:42 – What are key factors companies get wrong when it comes to creating high performance cultures?
  • 14:17 – What is next for you?


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