Shermin Voshmgir in Interview

Interview with Shermin Voshmgir: Global Authority on Web3 Blockchain, Founder Token Kitchen

Shermin Voshmgir, author of the best-seller Token Economy, joins us to share all the possibilities Web3 holds. Voshmgir explores how the shift away from Web2 will change the world in which we live, stating that “every single inch of our social and economic interactions over the internet will be revolutionised or changed.”

Shermin Voshmgir Keynote Speaker

Shermin Voshmgir advises leaders on how to make fundamental decisions around this technology. Her sought-after understanding provides a game-changing account of all things blockchain. 

During this interview, she stresses the importance of prioritising Web3 – “it is like asking me in 1993, which industries would be affected by the World Wide Web. All of them.” 

Blockchain networks are the backbone of this new generation internet. Voshmgir, also a successful entrepreneur, simplifies this revolutionary, collectively managed world, so that people can truly understand and therefore succeed in it.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:12 – What is the token economy?
  • 05:30 – How would you differentiate between Blockchain, Web3, NFTs, etc.?
  • 08:12 – Are there any specific industries which should be focusing on these technologies before getting disrupted?
  • 11:53 – The Bitcoin has plunged since the beginning of the year. What does it mean for the cryptocurrency world?
  • 15:56 – In these uncertain times, what message do you have for business leaders and companies?
  • 17:40 – What is next for you?


Shermin Voshmgir: Token Economy

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