Timnit Gebru in Interview

Interview with Timnit Gebru – Computer Scientist

Dr Timnit Gebru is a computer scientist who specifically focuses on researching Artificial Intelligence. Her research involves deciphering how to minimise the negative consequences of AI and the pressure this puts on ethical practices within society.

Timnit Gebru Keynote Speaker

Timnit Gebru has extensive knowledge on the topic of algorithmic bias – the negative impacts of AI. Her research in this field aims to counter the growing threat of harmful implications associated with these innovative technologies. She explains that it is essential to create new technologies while closely integrating and acknowledging ethics, in order to ensure an overall positive impact on people and society. Essentially, if profit is the main thing driving the creation of these new tools with a disregard for ethics, harm will be caused. Timnit conducts research which aims to find the perfect balance where AI is beneficial for humans, while having a minimal negative impact on wellbeing.

Timnit has been named a Forbes 30 inspirational women – among other accolades – and has been widely published. She is a co-founder of the non profit Black in AI, which supports and encourages black people in the sector of AI. Timnit has previously worked at Google, where she was a co-leader of the Ethical Artificial Intelligence research team. Her departure instigated a labour movement and the creation of the first union for tech workers at Google.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
  • 00:45 – How would you define an algorithmic bias?
  • 01:37 – What is your take on the definition of algorithmic bias?
  • 02:40 – What are the main existing biases? How could we prevent this threat from growing?
  • 04:04 – Could ‘Ethic’ and ‘disruptive technologies’ coexist together?
  • 04:42 – How can AI have a greater positive impact for companies?
  • 06:45 – From a personal and professional standpoint, will AI make our lives easier?
  • 08:05 – What is next for you?


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