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Making Sense Of: Future Technologies with Inma Martinez

London Speaker Bureau’s Making Sense Of series looks to utilise its global network of experts, from a wide range of specialist areas, in order to highlight complex current topics that our clients may find of interest.

In our video, “Making Sense of Future Technologies”, Roy Sheppard discusses with Inma Martinez the effect that 5G, AI, Big Data, Cloud and other technologies could have on our ever-changing world. Inma shares insights on how technology will influence business in the future and what this will mean for the way humans work. Inma has been described as an ‘inspirational technologist’ whose message is about the brilliance and opportunity of the future.

Inma Martinez Keynote SpeakerInma Martinez is a leading digital pioneer and has been an A.I scientist for over 10 years. However, in 2000 she shifted her focus to entrepreneurship. She has been directly behind the development of mobile Internet services, A.I. personalisation, prediction of consumer behaviours, video and music streaming, intelligent wearables, connected car and smart living.
Inma is a technology author of “The 5th Industrial Revolution: A 21st Century Commercial Expansion of Space” and has become one of the most respected figures in the international speaking circle.
As an engaged scientist, Inma has been involved in corporate projects as a consultant in a variety of industries where A.I. and digitalisation can help transform businesses. She has become one of the most active advisors to the European Union across working groups developing strategy and regulation on Web 2.0, the digitalization of industries, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Roy Sheppard is a conference moderator and a former BBC news anchor.

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