Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

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Masterclass Leader

Antonio has spent over 15 years researching what successful companies and governments have in common, as a key driver in successful implementation of their long-term vision. He currently works as Director Head of PMO at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines. Previously he worked in the banking sector for BNP Paribas Fortis and for 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers as senior manager. Antonio is currently Chairman of the Global Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute, the largest project management association in the world.

Masterclass overview

Organizations are starting to realize that to execute their strategy they need to succeed in implementing their strategic projects, hence project management has become a critical skill for their top people. Recent research by the Project Management Institute reveals that up to 2020 about 1.5 million jobs will be created every year in project management, mostly in Asia, but also many in Europe and the US. This masterclass provides you with a structured framework for exploring leading-edge ideas in project management to ensure that your organization achieves its mission and strategic objectives.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Better understand the concept of strategy execution: what works and what usually goes wrong
  • Learn how to implement a project portfolio management framework for your strategic initiatives
  • Share examples that work and can be applied in your organization now
  • Become a focused organization that can successfully execute your agreed strategy

What is covered?

  • We have a strategy – but what is next? The essence of value creation is in how that strategy is executed
  • The essence of strategy implementation: the link between successful strategy implementation and well executed project management
  • Project management framework: fundamentals and core skills needed to be successful in your projects (based on PMI’s PMBOK©)
  • Prioritization of strategic initiatives
  • Dealing with complexity and never-ending change
  • Corporate longevity through ‘ambidexterity’
  • Becoming a focused organization: learn what today’s most successful organizations do differently and how you can become one

Who will benefit?

  • Strategic decision-makers and board members
  • Project managers and portfolio managers
  • Organizations going through Mergers and Acquisitions, and those going through major change initiatives

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