Catherine DeVrye

Serving is the new selling

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Catherine DeVrye is a world authority on customer service and resilience in an ever-changing world. Winner of the Australian Executive Woman of the Year Award, she is the author of No.1 bestseller Good Service is Good Business and is renowned for her international management experience in both private and public sectors. Before founding her own business, Catherine was a marketing executive with IBM, then HR Manager for Asia Paci c in Tokyo, where she took on the company’s customer education and leadership development programs across South East Asia. She has truly ‘walked the talk’ in countless real-life situations.

Masterclass overview

No matter the size of your company, quality customer service needs to drive your business model – and the motivation of your team. What you need are simple-to-implement ideas you can put into practice right now to boost your reputation, staff morale and the bottom line without raising costs. Good service is a powerful way to differentiate your business from the competition and grow market share. Your front-line staff must learn how to increase brand loyalty by turning complaints into opportunities. They must combine high-tech and high touch for top results, creating customers for life, while having a life themselves!

Value and expected outcomes

  • Catherine will share her long experience, important case studies and hands-on tools
  • Attendees learn the practical ‘how-to’ rules of first-class customer service while gaining greater awareness of ‘why-to’ considerations
  • You create motivated, inspired, empowered people ready to make vital changes that boost your bottom line and enhance reputation

What is covered?

  • Boost your bottom line without increasing costs
  • Use service to differentiate you from your competition
  • Gain market share through exceeding customer expectations
  • Increase brand loyalty by turning complaints into opportunities
  • Have major impact on the internal and external stakeholder experience
  • Add more value to customers through creating more valued staff
  • Eliminate waste
  • Create customers for life – as well as a life for your people

This is an inspirational and informative masterclass that follows a clear, commonsense approach to transforming a ho-hum customer service profile into a recognized service leader.

Whether at C-suite level or with front-line staff , Catherine combines substance with humor to motivate and empower others to bring out the best in themselves and for their organization.

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