Sir Peter Westmacott on President Trump’s wiretapping remarks

Sir Peter Westmacott, former British Ambassador to the United States, recently wrote for the Guardian, addressing President Trump’s allegations that Barack Obama tapped his phones during the presidential election campaign.

The president’s spokesman, Sean Spicer has attempted to diffuse the severity of the allegations by suggesting that the president’s use of quotation marks made the claims less serious.

Sir Peter writes: ‘Nonsense it was, but the context was unsettling. Some of the intelligence behind current FBI investigations into contacts between the Trump team and Russian officials, and into the hacking of Democratic party emails, is reported to have come from British sources. Then there is the dossier prepared by a former British intelligence official, Christopher Steele, which itself makes a series of unsubstantiated allegations about Trump’s links to Russia.’

Sir Peter goes on to argue that the US and UK’s relationship should not be taken for granted by either party, “it is critical to our shared efforts to counter terrorism, Russian aggression, the cyber-attacks of China, the nuclear threat from North Korea and much else. It is based on unquestioned mutual trust, between operatives and politicians on each side of the Atlantic.”

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