Antonio Najarro – Keynote Speaker

Dancer & Choreographer, Ex-Director Ballet Nacional de España

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Specialist Subjects

  • Emotional leadership
  • High Performance Team Management
  • Physical and emotional well-being
  • Self-knowledge
  • Management of egos
  • Face failure or success


  • English
  • Spanish


Dancer and choreographer, taught by the most prestigious dance teachers in all styles: classical ballet, bolera school, Spanish classical, folklore, flamenco and contemporary dance. Honors in Spanish Dance at the Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma in Madrid.

He joined the Ballet Nacional de España (BNE) in 1997. Three years later, he reached the position of First Dancer. In 2011, at only 35 years old, he was appointed artistic director of the BNE, holding the position for eight years.

He created his own Antonio Najarro Company in 2001, for which he has choreographed four productions: Tango Flamenco (2002), Flamencoriental (2006), Jazzing Flamenco (2008) Suite Sevilla (2011) and Alento (2020).

Being a regular creator of pieces for great figures in figure skating, he has won several Gold Medals at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics (2002) at the Boston World Championships (2016) and at the European Championships (2017 and 2019) for the Spanish Javier Fernández with the choreography “Malagueña”.

In 2018 he collaborated as a choreographer with coach Mayu Fujiki, with the Spanish National Artistic Swimming Team in the choreography “Pasión Malagueña”.

Najarro is currently the largest representative of Dance in Spain, having a far- reaching influence through his impact; always projecting a modern image, innovative proposals of a renewed Spanish classic, where plurality has characterized his creations, addressing large pedagogical projects, social action, fashion, painting and sport, giving great visibility to Dance in Media. In 2021, RTVE premieres its program “Un País En Danza”, conducted by Najarro himself.

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