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Former BBC journalist, an award-winning motivational speaker, public speaking coach and mentor of CEOs and business owners

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  • If you're a CEO who needs to speak
  • If you're a decision-maker without a personal brand
  • If your stories fail to engage your audiences
  • If you're a talented female leader who wants to build a bigger legacy
  • If you're CIO (or CTO) who wants to become a CEO


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Dave Crane is an award winning motivational speaker, CEO mentor, and former United Nations consultant with a career spanning four decades. As a sought-after business advisor, Dave has trained leaders and teams for world-renowned brands and leaders like Google, Emirates Airlines, HSBC, Visa, Pepsi, P&G, IBM, Grant Thornton, BP, Samsung, Toshiba, Dunkin Brands, American Express, PwC, Boston Scientific Group, Schneider Electric, and World Games Special Olympics. He’s also worked with regional powerhouses such as Chalhoub Group, SASREF, STC, and Abu Dhabi Fund For Development. Throughout his illustrious career, Dave Crane has rubbed shoulders with entertainment powerhouses like Bruce Willis, James Brown, Sylvester Stallone, Amitabh Bachchan, Robert Plant, Enrique Iglesias, Jack Canfield, Jean Alesi, Bryan Adams, Muse, and Kanye West. Leveraging his robust experience and media connections, Dave’s reached over a billion people as a facilitator and MC/host of landmark sporting and entertainment events such as Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens, World’s Ultimate Strongman, International Beach Soccer, Global CIO Summit, Desert Rock Festival, World Beauty Championship, and Legends Rock Dubai Tennis.

Dave, an NLP master practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist, and speaker coach, is committed to delivering quality and enhancing productivity with tangible ROI. He is a frequent presence in the international public speaking circuit, hosting awards, private functions, keynote speaker engagements, industry expos, and corporate seminars on a myriad of business topics. Through his Industry Icon mentoring program and a series of mastermind groups, Dave imparts his expertise to global and regional leaders, government ministers, C- suite executives and high achievers. Dave Crane also founded The Game Changers, a global community for decision-makers, and mentors thought leaders to become trailblazers in their sectors. Dave has left an indelible mark globally, presenting keynote and motivational seminars at distinguished events, including NASA and TEDx.

In January 2023, Dave Crane was awarded Inspire’s Best International Public Speaker and MC 2023 Award.

Popular Talks by Dave Crane

If you're a CEO who needs to speak

Most people can’t get the correct WI-FI code to ENGAGE their audience which makes them appear PETRIFIED, ARROGANT, DISTANT, TALKING TOO FAST (or too softly), BORING, SELF-OBSESSED, UNFOCUSED or completely UNINTELLIGIBLE.
When you only get one chance to make a good impression, a wrong one could cost you everything.
Luckily, this doesn’t have to happen when you work with Dave.
Enjoy the benefits of being able to pitch your business to anyone, earning as a speaker, recognised as a thought leader, respected by your peers, inspiring employees and head-hunted by everyone from event organisers to agencies. Imagine being able to stand up without any notice, in front of strangers, tired, stressed, under extreme pressure to deliver a world-class informative, inspiring and game changing presentation WITHOUT a script that always motivates everyone who hears it to take action immediately.

If you're a decision-maker without a personal brand

Google yourself. If nothing shows up about you, then you’re experiencing the same negative effect that fresh talent, potential clients, JV brokers, media interviewers, overseas investors, employees AND head-hunters also feel. When you’re not on radars, nobody can align with your values, your triumphs, your thoughts or your vision.
Guess what? They flock to your most visible competitors instead.
This should worry even the best decision makers, luckily, you can fix it today.
The Industry Icon Program elevates and positions you to cast a halo effect over your products and services like pioneering thought leaders Tim Cook, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson or Elon Musk. When your name carries credibility, your stock rises, and your company easily punches above its own weight as the spotlight focuses on your expert leadership.
You become currency.

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