Frederic Bordage – Keynote Speaker

Founder of Green IT

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Specialist Subjects

  • Digital transformation
  • Environment
  • CSR
  • Digital sobriety


  • English
  • French


Frédéric Bordage is well known for being one of the forerunners and top digital experts in Europe.
A former developer and software architect, he is the founder and manager of the collaborative project “responsible digital design”.

He is the founder of, the first French-language source of information promoting the ecodesign of digital services. He is now a speaker, a consultant, a journalist, an author and he hosts a series of podcasts in which he discusses the question of the environmental footprint of global digital technology, but also Low Tech and home office.

Frédéric Bordage launched the community in 2004, dedicated to environmentally sustainable IT. Through GreenIT, he helps his clients (companies, communities and institutions) to design in a sustainable way their websites, online services and others digital services.
With the support of this growing community, he has also brought to light many concepts associated with responsible digital technology such as sustainable information and communication technologies, responsible design for digital services, or even “digital sobriety”.
Since its creation, the blog now gathers 30,000 readers and contributors per month, and more than 200,000 unique visitors per year. In total, it has already reached more than 3 million unique visitors, mostly professionals from IT and technologies sectors.

Smartphones, computers, tablets, game consoles, GPS have taken over our daily lives.
How could the digital world have become so omnipresent? To what extent is it possible to reverse the trend? As we are facing an ecological crisis, how can we make digital a tool of resilience? What are the good practices and good habits to adopt?
Along with the community, Frédéric Bordage is exploring existing ways to answer these questions and design a more sober and responsible digital future.

In addition to being a consultant providing insights to many companies and private organisations, Frédéric collaborates with a number of national and european institutions.

Frédéric Bordage has released many publications with such as studies and toolkits:
« Sobriété numérique, les clés pour agir » / “Digital sobriety, the keys to action” (2019); « Écoconception Web, les 115 bonnes pratiques, Doper son site et réduire son empreinte écologique » / “Web ecodesign, 115 best practices, Boost your website and reduce your ecological footprint” (2019); « Green IT : les 65 bonnes pratiques clés » / “Green IT: the 65 good practices” (2018).
His objective here is to provide the keys to understand the mechanisms and adopt a responsible digital approach.

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