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Specialist in conflict resolution

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Fog of Peace : why peace making is so difficult
  • The human face of conflict resolution
  • Managing radical differences in a divided world
  • The psychology of political extremism
  • Why empathy matters
  • Managing radical disagreement when empathy fails
  • Conflict in the workplace
  • Compassionate Politics – why we need to put humanity at the heart of decision making
  • How to reduce the drift towards extremism


  • English


Gabrielle Rifkind is a political entrepreneur, author and broadcaster.

As founder and director of the Oxford Process which specialises in preventive diplomacy and behind the scenes mediation in areas of conflict she has worked in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to bring parties in conflict together to ripen the conditions for mediation.

Having spent the last two decades exploring the relationship between geopolitics and the human mind and what motivates people both to get into and out of conflict, she has written three influential books: “The Psychology of Political Extremism” (Routledge); “The Fog of Peace: How to prevent war ” (Bloomsbury ),co-authored with the former senior UN diplomat Gianni Picco and “Making Terrorism History” (Rider).

As a trained group analyst and psychotherapist, Gabrielle Rifkind is particularly interested in what motivates creative or destructive behaviour. It was her work in this field which led to her interest in international conflict resolution. Her skills can be applied to international conflict, work places and family mediation.

Energetic, passionate and a very lively public speaker Gabrielle regularly gives public lectures and has twice debated at the Oxford Union.

Gabrielle Rifkind has written for newspapers, online publications and academic journals, including; The Guardian, Times, Independent , Prospect and the The New England Journal of Public Policy. Gabrielle has been a regular conflict mediator for five series of BBC Radio 4’s “Across the Red Line” and frequently appears on Woman’s Hour.

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