George Magnus

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George Magnus – Keynote Speaker

Senior economic adviser, author of 'The Age of Aging'

Keynote Speaker Category: Society & Education
Topics: Economics
Languages: English, German


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Specialist Subjects


Global economic and policy prospects: advanced and emerging countries or regions
Globalisation: past, present and future
Asia and the Middle East: how oil, politics and China are shifting the world's axis
Demographic change: incidence and characteristics of ageing societies around the world, what it might mean for economies and societies
China and the West - will emerging markets shape or shake the world

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George Magnus‘s Biography


George Magnus is the former Senior Economic Adviser at UBS Investment Bank, one of the world’s leading financial services institutions, having previously been the Chief Economist for 10 years. In almost 30 years of working experience in the City, he has held senior positions at SG Warburg, Chase Manhattan Bank and Bank of America. He is a well-known and highly regarded economist in the financial community and has won many accolades in professional surveys as one of the top global economists.

George, gained widespread acclaim for declaring in early 2007 that we would face a Minsky Moment – or systemic banking crisis – and a decade of slow growth, has extensive experience of writing on, explaining and speaking about the global economy. He is a regular contributor and discussant on economic and political issues in the media, regularly appearing on Radio 4’s Today and The World Tonight programmes, BBC Newsnight and News programmes, Bloomberg Television and CNBC. He writes regular opinion columns in the Financial Times, and a full range of his commentaries can be found at his website.

His first book, The Age of Aging: How Demographics Are Changing The Global Economy And Our World was published in 2008. He continues to write, speak and advise on the many implications of this global phenomenon. His latest book, Uprising: will emerging markets shape or shake the global economy? was published at the end of 2010, and assesses in particular whether China is set to dominate the world system.

In his UBS capacity, George consulted with asset management firms, hedge funds and central banks around the world on the information that is central to investment management. He also interacted with industrial and commercial companies, family offices and other private and official research and think tank bodies. His speaking style coupled with an incisive understanding and enlightened capacity to explain and discuss global issues has contributed to his high popularity and reputation.

But George is also a sought after speaker in front of non-professional audiences, and he has worked with several organisations to further the understanding of ageing societies, and of the the global economy in the wake of the financial crisis. Audiences appreciate his ability to bring together both economic and political perspectives in a way that makes them readily accessible.