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Award-winning Science Presenter & Producer on TV, Radio, YouTube, Podcast & Stage

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Specialist Subjects

  • Science
  • Sustainability
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Facts V Fads
  • Tech security
  • Science Communication
  • Engaging children & families with science / tech
  • Science Adventures


  • English


Greg is an award-winning TV & Radio Science Presenter & Producer, popular Keynote Speaker, experienced Events Host, long-time YouTuber, and… hybrid athlete?!

If you’re looking for him he’ll likely be investigating the bold marketing claims of a trending ‘wonder product’ for his popular BBC Radio 4 show & podcast “Sliced Bread”, or sharing consumer tips about those on BBC Morning Live.

If not, then he may be off on another science adventure to incredible labs around the world (he recently returned from the Amazon Rainforest), or – most likely – he’ll be competing in a hybrid fitness race (he recently won Silver at the HYROX European Championships!)

Greg has been making science content on TV, Radio, YouTube, Podcast, & Stage for close to 20 years (gulp!):

​> from ​investigative documentaries on TV, Radio & Podcasts,
> to ambitious interactive live shows for families on YouTube,
​> to eye-catching experiments on live TV,
> and engaging keynotes & spectacular science shows.

​A scientist by training (first class degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University), Greg regularly provides Science Communication training and hosts multiple awards & STEM conferences. He is also the Creative Director of digital-first production studio and an Emeritus Public Engagement Fellow for The Wellcome Trust.

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Greg is a scientist by training (first class degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University) and has written and presented content on a huge range of science areas for 15+ years. He can quickly assimilate technical information and translate it for any audience.


Greg has written & presented a range of sustainability related projects recently – from the first season of the “Which? Investigates” podcast which looked to see if claims of sustainability really delivered eco-potential or were simply greenwashing, to a widely used online video training series on Climate for AXA and a TV series for BBC World News.

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