Helene De Vestele – Keynote Speaker

Co-founder of Edeni, Zero Waste Coach

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Specialist Subjects

  • Health
  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Waste management



  • English
  • French


Hélène de Vestele is the CEO and co-founder of Edeni, a company set up to train individuals and companies on how to achieve a “Zero Waste” lifestyle.

Alongside being an entrepreneur, Helene is a speaker and author, having recently published the “Zero Waste” manifesto, raising awareness about the necessity of changing our consumer behavior to save the planet.

After graduating from a French business school, Hélène de Vestele joined the Argentinian government (Ministry of Modernisation, Buenos Aires) as a strategy consultant.

In preparation for her expatriation to Argentina, Hélène had to pack only the necessities.
This led Hélène to question herself about her consumption habits and the value she had given to her possessions. She decided to give away 90% of her belongings and felt freer than she had ever been before.

As a result, she became obsessed with the idea of changing the world through making people and businesses re-think their purchases and the waste it may subsequently create.

In 2016, Hélène de Vestele co-founded Edeni in the slums of Buenos Aires.
In parallel, she set up training courses and bootcamps in Paris on integral ecology, health and ethics.
Through her training sessions, Hélène wants to make participants change their consumption habits and become ecological transition ambassadors.

She collaborates on Blue Economy projects with Gunter Pauli, who is widely considered the Steve Jobs of sustainable development.

Committed, dynamic and passionate, Hélène de Vestele has explored and worked in more than 60 countries to study and experience alternative and more responsible ways of living.
Hélène always carries with her a glass jar, containing her annual waste production, as a symbol of her “Zero Waste” lifestyle.

With Edeni, Hélène demonstrates that we can live a more sustainable and happier life by adopting a minimalist attitude and becoming a more eco-responsible consumer.

Hélène de Vestele has won numerous prizes following the creation of Edeni and her civic involvements:

– “Talent of the Future” Prize of the 16,000 Audencia and Changemakers Alumni, 2017
– Chosen to lead the EU delegation to the G7-Youth summit in Tokyo, 2016
– Winner of a competition for a study trip to the heart of the UN in Geneva, 2015
– Winner of a photo competition “global disparities” and grant “Envie d’agir”, 2013
– 1st prize of the scholarship for excellence of the Legion of Honor, 2010

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