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Hidde de Vries – Keynote Speaker

Founder of The Recharge Company

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keynote speaker hidde de vries

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Hidde de Vries – Keynote Speaker

Founder of The Recharge Company

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keynote speaker hidde de vries

Hidde de Vries
Founder of The Recharge Company

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Hidde de Vries is founder of The Recharge Company, a company that supports clients and their employees perform at their highest levels of energy. In business as well as in private. He has created 3 different vitality programs which have re-energised over 10,000 people to-date. Amongst his business clientele companies in the likes of Google and Youtube can be found, as well as RTL, KWF Cancer Foundation and USG People.

Besides the programs, he has published his Recharge methodology in his book Recharge in 7 Days, of which he has now issued the third edition, with a new book on its way. He also participated in TedTalk and does several live presentations a week.

Before he founded his company, Hidde de Vries spent his past 5 years working for Google as a Senior Industry Manager. However, he soon found a passion for training and coaching. He has trained and coached over a thousand colleagues and was awarded Top25 Global Google Trainers and Top10 Global Google Sales Trainers.

Besides this role, he had the opportunity to crib the way Google deals with vitality and work/life balance. He has worked on numerous projects on this subject, from vitality research to organizing interventions, but also more practical trainings like mindfulness and meditation training and leadership programs. His biggest event was a one day training for Google’s European Leadership Team, which he led by himself during an offsite in Dublin.

Since he started training and facilitation he has worked with companies like L’Oréal, Nestlé, Peugeot, Ford, Sanoma, Pepsico, Rituals DUKE Education and even the Dutch Royal House. Subjects varying from leadership, wellbeing, creative thinking and performance coaching. He has created a series of coaching trainings of several days each, helping people to get started with coaching as well as one on one coaching.

His sessions are engaging, mostly interactive and fun. Hidde de Vries prefers to have participants join in, think for themselves and find their own, workable reality in order for the learnings to best stick instead of it only being nice great entertainment.

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