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Orchestra Conductor and Leadership Expert

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Specialist Subjects

  • Unique Perspective on Leadership
  • Engaging Storytelling
  • Team building, interdependence, whole-system thinking
  • Change initiatives
  • Promoting creativity and innovation


  • English


Itay Talgam, mentored by Leonard Bernstein, has led major orchestras globally and pioneered leadership talks rooted in musical collaboration. After presenting classical music to bank managers in 1996, he delved into leadership studies, using orchestra dynamics as metaphors for organisational behaviour.

Talgam’s workshops aim to instil musicians’ collaboration and conductors’ leadership in everyday people, emphasising intuitive connection and responsiveness.

His TED Talk ‘Lead Like the Great Conductors’ has over 4 million views, lauded as essential for aspiring leaders. His book ‘The Ignorant Maestro’ explores leadership nuances through renowned conductors’ diverse styles, addressing the balance between control and creative freedom. Based in Tel Aviv, Itay Talgam holds an Artist Diploma in conducting and studied across Europe and the US, complemented by General Philosophy studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Popular Talks by Itay Talgam

Unique Perspective on Leadership

Talgam draws parallels between conducting an orchestra and leadership. His ability to decode the art of conducting and relate it to effective leadership styles is both insightful and captivating. For instance, he uses examples of conductors like Leonard Bernstein or Carlos Kleiber to highlight leadership traits such as adaptability, communication, and fostering collaboration.

Engaging Storytelling

Talgam has a knack for storytelling that keeps audiences engaged. He doesn’t just talk about leadership; he weaves stories of famous conductors, their styles, successes, and challenges. These narratives not only entertain but also effectively convey lessons in leadership and management.

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